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  1. Types of Aircraft aerodyne, aerostat, airliner, airship, amphibian, autogiro or autogyro, balloon, biplane, blimp, bomber, canard, coleopter, convertiplane, convertaplane, or convertoplane, cyclogiro, delta-wing, dirigible, dive bomber, drone, fighter, fighter-bomber, flying boat, flying wing, freighter, gas-filled balloon, glider, gyrodyne, hang-glider, helicopter, helicopter gunship, hot-air balloon, interceptor or intercepter, jet or jet plane, jetliner, jumbo jet, jump jet, lifting body ...

  2. Helicopter aircraft, also known as helicopters, are commonly known to most of us and are related to rotorcraft. The horizontally rotating rotors provide and assist in lifting and thrusting the helicopter. These aircraft have the advantage of being carried vertically, horizontally, and flying both backward and forwards or laterally.

  3. 0–9. Aircraft first flown in 1920 ‎ (56 P) Aircraft first flown in 1921 ‎ (66 P) Aircraft first flown in 1922 ‎ (88 P) Aircraft first flown in 1923 ‎ (132 P) Aircraft first flown in 1924 ‎ (127 P) Aircraft first flown in 1925 ‎ (114 P) Aircraft first flown in 1926 ‎ (124 P)