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    A US company, DeTect, in 2003, developed the only production model bird radar in operational use for real-time, tactical bird-aircraft strike avoidance by air traffic controllers. These systems are operational at both commercial airports and military airfields.

  2. Development Background. The JF-17 was designed and developed primarily to meet the PAF requirement for an affordable, unsanctionable, fourth-generation, lightweight, multi-role combat aircraft as a replacement for its large fleet of Nanchang A-5C bombers, Chengdu F-7P/PG interceptors, and Dassault Mirage III/5 fighters, with a cost of US$500 million, divided equally between Pakistan and China.

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    Radar altimeter technology is also used in terrain-following radar allowing combat aircraft to fly at very low height above the terrain. Lidar technology is used to help navigate the helicopter Ingenuity on its record-setting flights over the terrain of Mars by means of a downward-facing Lidar altimeter.

  4. L’histoire du radar est une branche de l'histoire de l'électronique qui devient un des fondements de la stratégie militaire du XX e siècle.L’idée de repérer un objet à distance, la télédétection, a commencé au début de ce siècle quand Christian Hülsmeyer applique les lois de l’électromagnétisme de Maxwell et utilise les ondes électromagnétiques découvertes par Hertz ...

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  6. The radar-guided ZSU-23-4 "Shilka" SPAAG, with its four 23 mm (0.90") autocannons, was a revolutionary SPAAG, proving to be an extremely effective weapon against enemy attack aircraft and helicopters under every weather and light condition.

  7. The USAF C-141 was the first military aircraft to utilize the Carousel in a dual system configuration, followed by the C-5A which utilized the triple INS configuration, similar to the 747. The KC-135A fleet was fitted with a single Carousel IV-E system that could operate as a stand-alone INS or can be aided by the AN/APN-218 Doppler radar.