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  1. An aircraft's position may be estimated for up to 240 minutes after coverage has been lost based on the great circle path between the last received position and destination. Accuracy of estimated positions will vary based on time since last received position and flight route.

  2. AirNav RadarBox - Global Flight Tracking Intelligence | Live Flight Tracker and Airport Status Share Your Data Remove Ads : Most Viewed 1 ETNW N/A 2 It looks like you're using an ad blocker. Please get a RadarBox Premium account for an ad free experience. Heading information missing Altitude - Latitude - Longitude - Ground Speed Vertical Speed FIR

  3. Non-ICAO Targets (radar track / airframe unknown) Reset All Settings. Group by Data Type

  4. Trusted flight tracker since 2009. Track live flights worldwide on a map and check real time airport status information. Explore detailed aircraft and flight data and playback historical flights.

  5. Flight radar – the best solution to follow flights. Nowadays, people have access to information regarding almost every area of everyday life. The same applies to data related to air traffic: People are interested in aircraft, flight routes, flight connections, take-off and landing times as well as other details from the aviation sector.

  6. ( FlightAware Live Flight Tracker Map ) Flight Tracker Überblick Es werden gerade 10.738 in der Luft befindliche Flugzeuge verfolgt. Die Datenbank umfasst insgesamt 711.731.616 Flüge. FlightAware hat in den letzten 24 Stunden 128.084 Landungen verzeichnet.