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  1. Albert I of Brunswick-Grubenhagen (c. 1339 – probably 1383) was a Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, and Prince of Brunswick-Grubenhagen-Salzderhelden. He reigned from 1361 until his death. Albert I was the eldest son of the Duke Ernest the elder of Grubenhagen and his wife, Adelheid of Eberstein.

  2. Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg: Prince of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel; Reign: 1269 – 15 August 1279 ; Born: 1236: Died: 15 August 1279: Buried: Brunswick Cathedral: Noble family: House of Welf: Spouse(s) Elizabeth of Brabant Adelheid of Montferrat: Issue: Henry I Albert II William I Matilda Luther: Father: Otto I, Duke of Brunswick ...

  3. Alberto I di Braunschweig-Grubenhagen (1339 circa – 1383 circa) è stato un nobile tedesco; è stato duca di Brunswick-Lüneburg e principe Grubenhagen dal 1361 alla sua morte. Stemma dei Brunswick-Lüneburg. Biografia [ modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  4. History. Grubenhagen was split off from the Brunswick Principality of Wolfenbüttel in 1291, when the sons of late Duke Albert the Tall (1236–1279) finally divided their heritage. Its first ruler was Duke Henry the Admirable.

  5. Henry I (August 1267 – 7 September 1322), Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, called the Admirable (German: Heinrich der Wunderliche, Latin: Henricus Mirabilis), a member of the House of Welf, was the first ruler of the Principality of Grubenhagen from 1291 until his death.

  6. In 1359 he made his son Albert I co-regent. His older brother Henry died 1351 and his sons lingered abroad and died without issue, so after the death of his childless younger brother William in 1360, Ernest ruled the entire principality of Grubenhagen. After his death, on 9 March 1361, he was succeeded by his son Albert I .

  7. Eric was the only son of the Duke Albert I of Brunswick-Grubenhagen, who died in 1383, and his wife Agnes I, a daughter of Duke Magnus II of Brunswick-Lüneburg. Eric inherited Brunswick-Grubenhagen at a very early age; he stood until 1401 under the guardianship of his uncle, Duke Frederick of Grubenhagen-Osterode.