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  1. Zollern, from 1218 Hohenzollern, was a county of the Holy Roman Empire. Later its capital was Hechingen . The Hohenzollerns named their estates after Hohenzollern Castle in the Swabian Alps. The Hohenzollern Castle lies on an 855 meters high mountain called Hohenzollern. It still belongs to the family today. The dynasty was first mentioned in 1061.

  2. La Casata degli Hohenzollern è una dinastia reale di origine tedesca che nel corso della storia ha detenuto i titoli di principi elettori, re di Prussia, sovrani di Romania e imperatori tedeschi. La famiglia usa il motto Nihil sine Deo (Nulla senza Dio).

  3. House of Hohenzollern * House Order of Hohenzollern List of monarchs of Prussia List of rulers of Brandenburg Miracle of the House of Brandenburg Prince of Orange Brandenburg-Schwedt Hohenzollern (disambiguation) A Abdication of Wilhelm II Prince Adalbert of Prussia (1811–1873) Prince Adalbert of Prussia (1884–1948)

  4. The Royal House of Hohenzollern began ruling the area around Berlin and Brandenburg in modern Germany in 1415. [1] Wilhelm II Hohenzollern Castle They became one of the Electors of the Holy Roman Emperor, Kings of Prussia in 1702 and in 1871 German Emperors. They stopped ruling after World War I, when Germany became a republic.

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    Hohenzollern Castle is a hilltop castle located on the mountain Hohenzollern, an isolated promontory of the Swabian Jura 855 meters (2,805 ft) (NHN) above sea level, 234 meters (768 ft) above and to the south of Hechingen, Germany, approximately 50 kilometers (31 mi) south of Stuttgart, capital of Baden-Württemberg. This mountain lends its name to ...

    Hohenzollern Castle, covering almost all of Mount Hohenzollern's summit, is a structure composed of four primary parts: military architecture, the palatial buildings, chapels, and the gardens.

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  5. House of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (Romanian branch) Parent house: Hohenzollern: Country: Romania: Founded: 10 May 1866: Founder: Carol I: Current head: Margareta of Romania: Final ruler: Michael I: Titles: Prince (Domnitor, or Principe) (1866–1881), King (Rege) (1881–1947) Deposition: 30 December 1947 (the communist coup when the King was forced to abdicate)