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  1. Overview For landline telephony, Australia is geographically divided into four areas, three of which cover more than one state or territory. All local telephone numbers within the four areas have eight digits, consisting (mainly) of a four-digit exchange code and a four-digit local line number.

  2. Telephone numbers in Australia. Country Code: +61. International Call Prefix: 0011. Trunk Prefix: 0. The Australian telephone numbering plan is how phone numbers work in Australia. It has changed many times. The most recent major change was between 1994 and 1998. [1]

  3. There were around 33,000 phones across Australia, with 7,502 telephone subscribers in inner Sydney and 4,800 in the Melbourne central business district. Overseas cable links to Australia remained in private hands, reflecting the realities of imperial politics, demands on the new government's resources, and perceptions of its ...

  4. Il piano di numerazione telefonica australiana descrive l'assegnazione dei numeri di telefono in Australia. È cambiato molte volte, la più recente grande riorganizzazione da parte dell'Australian Communications and Media Authority avvenuta tra il 1994 e il 1998. Contenuti 1 Panoramica 1.1 Numeri geografici 1.2 Telefoni cellulari 2 numeri geografici

  5. Overview This table lists in its first column the initial digits of the country code shared by each country in each row, which is arranged in columns for the last digit. When three-digit codes share a common leading pair, the two-digit code is unassigned, being ambiguous (denoted by " ambig. "). Unassigned codes are denoted by a dash ( — ).

  6. Users can now switch carriers and keep their cell phone numbers, including prefix. 99: 43 97: Karabakh Telecom: Aruba +297?? 7: Ascension Island +247: 5: Australia +61: 4: 9: any: Although distinct mobile prefixes are allocated to different providers, the prefixes cannot be used to reliably determine the carrier, due to "Number ...