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    Fantasy is distinguished from the genres of science fiction and horror by the respective absence of scientific or macabre themes, although these genres overlap. In popular culture, the fantasy genre predominantly features settings that emulate Earth, but with a sense of otherness.

  2. Fantasy literature is literature set in an imaginary universe, often but not always without any locations, events, or people from the real world. Magic, the supernatural and magical creatures are common in many of these imaginary worlds. Fantasy literature may be directed at both children and adults.

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    Fantasy films are films that belong to the fantasy genre with fantastic themes, usually magic, supernatural events, mythology, folklore, or exotic fantasy worlds. The genre is considered a form of speculative fiction alongside science fiction films and horror films , although the genres do overlap. [1]

  4. The modern fantasy genre first took root during the 18th century with the increased popularity of fictional travelers' tales, influencing and being influenced by other early forms of speculative fiction along the way, finally unfurling in the 19th century from a literary tapestry of fantastic stories and gaining recognition as a ...

  5. Fantasy is een apart genre binnen diverse media-, kunst- en cultuurvormen zoals films, televisie, literatuur, computerspellen, festivals, muziek, en dergelijke. Het is een genre dat zich kenmerkt door de aanwezigheid van onwerkelijke gebeurtenissen, verzonnen wezens en imaginaire werelden .

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    "High fantasy" often serves as a broad term to include a number of different flavors of the fantasy genre, including heroic fantasy, epic fantasy, mythic fantasy, dark fantasy, and wuxia. It typically is not considered to include the sword and sorcery genre. Themes. High fantasy has often been defined by its themes and messages.

  7. La fantasy ( [fɑ̃tɛzi] 1 ), ou fantasie 2 ( [fɑ̃tɛzi] 1; terme issu de l'anglais fantasy [ˈf æ ntəsi] 3 Écouter, litt. « imagination »), est un genre artistique et littéraire qui représente des phénomènes surnaturels imaginaires, souvent associés au mythe et souvent figurés par l'intervention ou l'emploi de la magie et de l'anachronisme.