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  1. Rutgers University (/ ˈ r ʌ t ɡ ər z / RUT-gərz; RU), officially Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is a public land-grant research university consisting of four campuses in New Jersey. Chartered in 1766, Rutgers was originally called Queen's College, and was affiliated with the Dutch Reformed Church.

    • Small city, 6,088 acres (2,464 ha)
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  2. Rutgers University; Ubicazione; Stato Stati Uniti: Città: New Brunswick/Piscataway, Newark e Camden: Dati generali; Soprannome: Scarlet Knights Motto: Sol iustitiae et occidentem illustra: Fondazione: 1766 Tipo: pubblica Facoltà: 2.661 Rettore: Richard L.McCormick Presidente: Jonathan Scott Holloway Studenti: 37 072 (2007) Colori ...

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    The eighth of nine colleges established during the American colonial period, Rutgers was chartered as Queen's College on 10 November 1766. It was renamed Rutgers College in 1825 after Colonel Henry Rutgers (1745–1830), an American Revolutionary War hero, philanthropist, and an early benefactor of the school. With the development of graduated educat...

    Each of the five campuses hosts its own student center, libraries, commercial venues, dining halls, and residence buildings. However, the physical atmosphere of each campus differs, and may also host specific academic departments, facilities, and schools. 1. Busch: Busch Campus is located entirely within Piscataway Township, New Jersey. The campus ...

    Residence halls provide many facilities for students. With over 15,000 resident students, 5 different campuses each with its own identity, 58 residence halls, 4 dining halls and 30-plus food courts/cafés, students can find everything they need right on campus. Despite some over-crowding, students wishing to live on-campus are usually accommodated, ...


    1. The Daily Targum, dating back to 1869, is the largest student paper at Rutgers, and independent, boasting a circulation of 15,000. It features international, national, local and university news, as well as editorials, columns, comics, classifieds and sports. In fall of 2019, the organization lost a student referendum vote to keep a minimal funding cost on students' term bills with an opt-out option. Now, this opt-out cost has since been removed. 2. The Medium is a weekly student run public...

    Greek life

    The campus is home to over 80 fraternities and sororities, including African-American, Latino/a, multicultural and Asian-interest. Several organizations maintain houses for their chapters in the area of Union Street (known locally as "Frat Row"), adjacent to the College Avenue Campus. Greek organizations are governed by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs.


    The Grease Trucks were a group of truck-based food vendors located on the College Avenue Campus. They serve traditional grill fare, Middle-Eastern specialties, and are especially well known for serving "Fat Sandwiches", a sub roll containing various ingredients such as cheesesteak, burgers, pork roll, chicken fingers, French fries, mozzarella sticks, eggs, bacon, gyro meat, marinara sauce, etc.The Rutgers Grease Trucks were located in a designated lot for nearly two decades until August 2013....

    Rutgers University is referred to as The Birthplace of College Football as the first intercollegiate football game was held on College Field between Rutgers and Princeton on November 6, 1869, on a plot of ground behind where the present-day College Avenue Gymnasium now stands. Rutgers won the game, by the score of 6 to Princeton's 4. In 1864, rowin...

    • Queen's College (1766–1816), Rutgers College (1825–1924), Rutgers University
    • Sun of righteousness, shine upon the West also.
    • Sol iustitiae et occidentem illustra
  3. Rutgers University (officially known as Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey) is an institution of higher learning with campuses across the State of New Jersey its main flagship campus in New Brunswick and Piscataway, and two other campuses in the cities of Newark and Camden, New Jersey.

  4. Rutgers University–Newark is one of three regional campuses of Rutgers University, a public land-grant research university consisting of four campuses in New Jersey. It is located in Newark . Rutgers, founded in 1766 in New Brunswick , is the eighth oldest college in the United States and a member of the Association of American ...

    • University of Newark
    • Sun of righteousness, shine upon the West also.
    • Sol iustitiae et occidentem illustra
  5. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (also known as Rutgers University), is the largest institution for higher education in the state of New Jersey. It was originally chartered as Queen's College in 1766 and is the eighth-oldest college in the United States .