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  1. Latino-Faliscan languages and dialects in different shades of blue. The Latino-Faliscan or Latinian languages form a group of the Italic languages within the Indo-European family . They were spoken by the Latino-Faliscan people of Italy who lived there from the early 1st millennium BCE .

  2. Faliscan is an Extinct language according to the criteria of the UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger. The Faliscan language is the extinct Italic language of the ancient Falisci, who lived in Southern Etruria. Together with Latin, it formed the Latino-Faliscan languages group of the Italic languages.

    • Southern Etruria (Northern Lazio)
  3. The Latino-Faliscan languages are a large branch of Italic languages. They were first spoken in what is now Italy. It is the only branch with languages still spoken. The only branch of Latino-Faliscan languages with languages still spoken is the Romance languages, which came from Latin.

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  5. Latin-Faliscan languages, language group proposed by some scholars to be included in the Italic branch of Indo-European languages. The group includes Latin, which emanated from Rome, and Faliscan, spoken in the Falerii district in southeastern Etruria.

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