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    Basil M. Russo (born March 10, 1947) is an American attorney, politician of the Democratic Party, and judge. He was majority leader of the Cleveland City Council. Later he served as a judge of the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas and a judge of the Ohio's Eighth District Court of Appeals.

    • Judge, Attorney, Public Official, National Italian American Leader.
    • Russo brothers
    • Patricia Gallupoli
    • Democratic
  2. Basil Russo (father) Anthony Russo (born February 3, 1970) and Joseph Russo (born July 18, 1971), collectively known as the Russo brothers ( ROO-soh ), are American directors, producers, and screenwriters. They direct most of their work together.

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    • 1997–present
  3. 15 nov 2021 · Old School Basil Russo Is About as ‘Old School’ as It Gets A fierce advocate on behalf of his heritage for decades, Russo has undertaken the Garibaldian task of uniting the community on a national level. By Paul Basile, Fra Noi

  4. Basilio è un nome proprio di persona italiano maschile [1] [2] . Indice 1 Varianti 1.1 Varianti in altre lingue 2 Origine e diffusione 3 Onomastico 4 Persone 4.1 Storia antica 4.2 Storia moderna 4.3 Variante Basil 4.4 Variante Vasil 4.5 Variante Vasile 4.6 Variante Vasilij 4.7 Altre varianti 5 Il nome nelle arti 6 Note 7 Bibliografia

  5. 22 ago 2014 · Basil Russo was the driving force behind the creation of the Bishop Anthony M. Pilla Italian American Studies program at John Carroll University, his alma mater. He is the chairman of the...

  6. About our President. Basil M. Russo was elected National President of the Italian Sons and Daughters of America and ISDA Financial Life at our biennial convention held in Chicago, Illinois in 2014. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Mr. Russo’s career has been as varied as it is impressive.