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  1. The United States dollar ( symbol: $; code: USD; also abbreviated US$ to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies; referred to as the dollar, U.S. dollar, American dollar, or colloquially buck) is the official currency of the United States and several other countries.

    • USD (numeric: .mw-parser-output .monospaced{font-family:monospace,monospace}840)
    • Federal Reserve
    • April 2, 1792; 231 years ago
    • $, US$, U$‎
  2. Il dollaro statunitense (il simbolo: $, il codice ISO 4217: USD; in inglese: United States dollar, ma chiamato informalmente anche dollar, American dollar o semplicemente buck in patria) è la valuta ufficiale degli Stati Uniti d'America. È anche utilizzato come valuta di riserva al di fuori della nazione.

    • United States dollar
    • $, US$, U$
  3. Origins: the Spanish dollar[edit] The United States Mint commenced production of the United States dollar in 1792 as a local version of the popular Spanish dollaror piece of eightproduced in Spanish Americaand widely circulated throughout the Americas from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

  4. The United States dollar (or American dollar) is the official currency of the United States of America. It is also used in some other countries outside the US . It is the standard currency for international markets selling goods such as gold and oil ( petrol ).

  5. Coins of the United States dollar (aside from those of the earlier Continental currency) were first minted in 1792. New coins have been produced annually and they make up a valuable aspect of the United States currency system. Today, circulating coins exist in denominations of 1¢ (i.e. 1 cent or $0.01), 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, and $1.00.

  6. The dollar coin is a United States coin with a face value of one United States dollar. Dollar coins have been minted in the United States in gold , silver , and base metal versions. Dollar coins were first minted in the United States in 1794.

  7. The United States one-dollar bill (US$1), sometimes referred to as a single, has been the lowest value denomination of United States paper currency since the discontinuation of U.S. fractional currency notes in 1876.