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  1. Frederick is a city and county seat of Tillman County, Oklahoma, United States. The population was 3,940 at the 2010 census. It is an agriculture-based community that primarily produces wheat, cotton, and cattle.

  2. Frederick è un comune degli Stati Uniti d'America, situato in Oklahoma, nella contea di Tillman, della quale è anche il capoluogo. Altri progetti

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  4. Frederick, city, seat (1907) of Tillman county, southwestern Oklahoma, U.S. With the opening of the Kiowa-Apache-Comanche reservation to settlement in 1901, the community grew up around a stop on the Blackwell, Enid, and Southwestern Railway.

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  5. Lake Frederick is a reservoir in Tillman County, Oklahoma. It is located about 15 miles northeast of the town of Frederick, which owns it. It was constructed in 1974 for flood control and to provide a water supply. It has a total surface area of 878 acres, and a total volume of 9,663 acre-feet. It has about 18 miles of shoreline.

  6. Louis Van "Bud" Abernathy (December 17, 1899 – March 6, 1979) and Temple Reeves "Temp" Abernathy (March 25, 1904 – December 10, 1986) were children from Oklahoma who, without adult supervision, took several cross-country trips.

  7. In 1957 the company moved to Frederick, Oklahoma, where the B-2 was certified in 1959. He later designed the Brantly 305 , a five-seater which made its first flight 1964. It was certified by the FAA in 1965, the same year it entered production.