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    Averroè, nome con cui nell'Europa medievale era conosciuto ʾAbū al-Walīd Muḥammad ibn ʾAḥmad ibn Rušd (in arabo: أبو الوليد محمد ابن احمد ابن رشد ‎), latinizzato come Aven Roshd e infine come Averrhoës o Averroës (Cordova, 14 aprile 1126 – Marrakech, 10 dicembre 1198), è stato un filosofo, medico, matematico, giudice e giurisperito arabo, considerato ...

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    1198 Atlantis – asteroide areosecante; Atlantis – romanzo di David Gibbins del 2006; Atlantis – programma radiofonico di Radio 2; Atlantis – hotel ...

  3. Wars against Livs and Latgalians (1198–1209) By the time German traders began to arrive in the second half of the 12th century to trade along the ancient trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks, some natives had already been baptized.

  4. In medieval music, the rhythmic modes were set patterns of long and short durations (or rhythms).The value of each note is not determined by the form of the written note (as is the case with more recent European musical notation), but rather by its position within a group of notes written as a single figure called a "ligature", and by the position of the ligature relative to other ligatures.