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  1. Offenbach am Main è una città extracircondariale della Germania di 131 295 abitanti. È situata nell'area metropolitana Reno-Meno, è confinante con Francoforte. Il centro cittadino dista appena sei chilometri dal centro di Francoforte e le due zone urbane sono contigue. Altre città vicine sono: Magonza e Wiesbaden, la capitale dell'Assia, situate circa 35 km ad ovest; Hanau, ca. 10 km ad est e Darmstadt, 30 km a sud-ovest. Fino al 1980 la città era universalmente famosa per i ...

  2. Offenbach am Main ist mit 131.295 Einwohnern (31. Dezember 2021) die fünftgrößte hessische Stadt und eines von zehn Oberzentren in Hessen. Die kreisfreie Stadt liegt im Rhein-Main-Gebiet und grenzt direkt an die Nachbarstadt Frankfurt am Main, mit welcher ein zusammenhängendes Siedlungsgebiet gebildet wurde.

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    The inner city area of Offenbach is quite large and consists of the historic center of the city and its expansions of the 1800s. Three formerly independent suburbs were incorporated in the first half of the 20th century: Bürgel being the first in 1908, then Bieber and Rumpenheimin 1938 and 1942. South of the inner city area are the suburbs Lauterborn, Rosenhöhe and Tempelsee. Kaiserlei is a commercial district in the far west of the city bordering Frankfurt. In the west Waldheim is a resident...


    Offenbach experiences a humid subtropical climate (Köppen climate classification Cfa). There are subtropical summers with warm to hot temperatures ranging from 29.8 °C at daytime and 6.9 °C at night. Winters are temperate cool and mild with temperatures ranging from 17.9 °C at daytime and 2.5 °C at night. Due to its location in the Upper Rhine Plain, the whole Rhein-Main Metropolitan Region generally experiences one of the warmest climates in Germany, making it possible to grow plants from th...

    The first documented reference to a suburb of Offenbach appears in 770. In a document of the Holy Roman Emperor Otto II dating to 977 exists the first mention of the place of Offenbach. During the Middle Ages Offenbach passed through many hands. Only in 1486 could the Count Ludwig of Isenburgfinally take control of city for his family, and 1556 Cou...


    The current mayor of Offenbach is Felix Schwenke of the Social Democratic Party(SPD). He was elected in 2017. The most recent mayoral election was held on 10 September 2017, with a runoff held on 24 September, and the results were as follows: The following is a list of mayors since 1824:

    City council

    The Offenbach city council (Stadtverordnetenversammlung) governs the city alongside the mayor. The most recent city council election was held on 14 March 2021, and the results were as follows:

    Offenbach has a large non-German population. In 2016, foreign nationals made up 37% of the population. The largest communities are, in that order, from Turkey, Greece, Romania, Poland and Italy. According to census data, Offenbach and Duisburg had the highest share of Muslimmigrants of all German districts in 2011.

    Until the end of the 17th century, Offenbach remained a small town with less than a thousand inhabitants. With the coming into power of the count Johann Philipp in 1685, the city began to develop and the population rose steadily. In the 19th century the city became industrialized and the population increased even tenfold. Offenbach is one of the Ge...

    Until the early 1970s Offenbach was dominated by the machine-building and leather industries. The city hosts the German Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies to this day. The Deutscher Wetterdienst, commonly abbreviated as DWD, (translated from German as German Meteorological Service), residing in the Westend district....


    In Offenbach there is no specific Old Town, but there are several buildings which survived bombing during the war and have been restored. One of them is the Neo-baroque palace Büsingpalais with the Büsingpark, reconstructed in the 1980s. Today it is used as a congress center close to the Sheraton hotel. Between the shopping area and the Main, is the Lilipark and the Lilitemple, named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's fiancée Lili Schönemann. The most important building is the Isenburger Schl...


    There are several festivals in Offenbach, some of these are: 1. Lichterfest im Büsing-Park(festival of lights in the park of the Büsing palais) 2. Nacht der Museen(with Frankfurt) 3. Mainuferfest 4. Cross Media Night


    1. German Leather Museum 2. Klingspor Museum, museum of typography and calligraphy 3. Haus der Stadtgeschichte, municipal historical museum 4. Rosenheim-Museumfor the painter Bernd Rosenheim

    Isenburger Schloss
    Rumpenheimer Schloss
    The market on Wilhelmsplatz
  3. Offenbach is a city in the German state of Hesse. It is on the river Main near Frankfurt am Main. The city has about 120,000 people. The Deutscher Wetterdienst (German weather service) is in Offenbach.

  4. Di seguito l'elenco cronologico dei sindaci di Offenbach am Main e delle altre figure apicali equivalenti che si sono succedute nel corso della storia. Indice 1 Repubblica di Weimar (1918-1933) 2 Germania nazista (1933-1945) 3 Zona di occupazione statunitense (1945-1949) 4 Repubblica Federale di Germania (dal 1949)

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