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    The 1770s (pronounced "seventeen-seventies") was a decade of the Gregorian calendar that began on January 1, 1770, and ended on December 31, 1779. A period full of discoveries, breakthroughs happened in all walks of life, as what emerged at this period brought life to most innovations we know today.

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    July– September. July 1 – Lexell's Comet (D/1770 L1) passes the Earth at a distance of 2,184,129 kilometres (1,357,155 mi), the closest approach by a comet in recorded history. [8] July 5 – Battle of Chesma and Battle of Larga: The Russian Empire defeats the Ottoman Empire in both battles.

  3. Stati italiani nella prima metà del XVIII secolo. L'Italia nel 1796, prima dell'invasione napoleonica. Divisione politica dell'Italia nella prima metà del XVIII secolo, dalla pace di Rastatt (1714) alla pace di Aquisgrana (1748) [1] : Regno di Sardegna, facente parte del Sacro romano impero fino al 1717; riconquistato dalla corona di Spagna ...

  4. The 1770s was a decade that began on 1 January 1770 and ended on 31 December 1779. It is distinct from the decade known as the 178th decade which began on January 1, 1771. and ended on December 31, 1780.

  5. List of sovereign states in the 1770s. Sovereign states. Adal – Adal Sultanate. Algiers – Sultanate of Algiers. Alipura – Alipura. Andorra – Principality of Andorra. Anhalt – Principality of Anhalt. Annam – Empire of Annam. Ansbach – Principality of Ansbach. Arakan – Kingdom of Arakan. Ashanti – Asante Union. Assam – Kingdom of Assam.

  6. 29 lug 2021 · OVERVIEW. 1770s fashion simplified the earlier decades styles for both womenswear and menswear, leading to new fashions that exemplified the ‘casual’ aesthetic that had taken hold. T he 1770s marked a transition in men’s and women’s dress, particularly for daywear.

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    References. 1670s. The 1670s decade ran from January 1, 1670, to December 31, 1679. Events. 1670. January–March. January 17 – Raphael Levy, a Jewish resident of the city of Metz in France, is burned at the stake after being accused of the September 25 abduction and ritual murder of a child who had disappeared from the village of Glatigny.