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  1. In 1992, with the European Community becoming the European Union and with the Treaty of Maastricht establishing the framework for political parties at a European level, the Confederation of Socialist Parties voted to transform itself into the Party of European Socialists. The party's first programme concentrated on job creation, democracy, gender equality, environmental and consumer protection, peace and security, regulation of immigration, discouragement of racism and fighting ...

  2. Il Partito del Socialismo Europeo, meglio noto come Partito Socialista Europeo, è un partito politico europeo di orientamento socialdemocratico e laburista fondato nel 1992. Precursore del partito è stata la Confederazione dei Partiti Socialisti della Comunità Europea, fondata nel 1973. In sede di Parlamento europeo, il PSE ha dato vita nel 2009 all'Alleanza Progressista dei Socialisti e dei Democratici; prima di allora, aderiva al gruppo del Partito del Socialismo Europeo. Il ...

  3. PES Women is the women’s organisation of the Party of European Socialists (PES) promoting gender equality and women’s rights both inside and outside the party. More about PES Women PES activists fight for a fairer Europe PES Activists are the grassroots of the socialist and social democratic family. More about PES activists

  4. Party of European Socialists 0–9 2014 Party of European Socialists presidential primaries E European Parliamentary Labour Party T The Social Democratic Group Y Young European Socialists Media in category "Party of European Socialists" This category contains only the following file. Logo of the Party of European Socialists.png 200 × 251; 4 KB

  5. Il Gruppo dell'Alleanza Progressista dei Socialisti e dei Democratici al Parlamento Europeo, detto anche più semplicemente Alleanza Progressista dei Socialisti e dei Democratici è un gruppo politico del Parlamento europeo europeista di centro-sinistra, erede del Gruppo del Partito del Socialismo Europeo. Conta 144 eurodeputati al dicembre 2021, ed è il secondo gruppo parlamentare più grande in Eurocamera dopo il gruppo del Partito Popolare Europeo. Si è costituito il 23 ...

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    Following the collapse of the Greek military dictatorship of 1967–1974, PASOK was founded on 3 September 1974 as a socialist, democratic socialist and left-wing nationalist party. [9] Formerly the largest left-wing party in Greece between 1977 and 2012, PASOK lost much of its popular support as a result of the Greek debt crisis.

  7. In the 1948 general election, the Socialists took part to the Popular Democratic Front with the Italian Communist Party (PCI), but they lost almost half of their seats in the Chamber of Deputies due to the better get-out-the-vote machine of the Communists and the split of the social-democratic faction from the party, the Italian Workers' Socialist Party (7.1%, with peaks over 10% in the Socialist strongholds of the North).