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  1. An overview of differences in spelling across English dialects. British English (BrE, en-GB, or BE) is the set of varieties of the English language native to the United Kingdom.

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  2. The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. [n] [25] The capital and largest city of the United Kingdom (as well as the capital of England) is London. The cities of Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast are respectively the national capitals of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

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  3. The English Wikipedia is the primary English-language edition of Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia. It was created by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger on January 15, 2001, as Wikipedia's first edition. English Wikipedia is hosted alongside other language editions by the Wikimedia Foundation , an American nonprofit organization .

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  4. British English or UK English is the dialect of the English language spoken in the United Kingdom. It is different in some ways from other types of English, such as American English. British English is widely spoken throughout most countries that were historically part of the British Empire.

  5. The major native dialects of English are often divided by linguists into the two extremely general categories of British English (BrE) and North American English (NAE). There also exists a third common major grouping of English varieties: Southern Hemisphere English, the most prominent being Australian and New Zealand English .

  6. L'inglese britannico (in lingua inglese British English) è la lingua inglese parlata e scritta nel Regno Unito. Esistono variazioni nell'inglese formale e scritto nel Regno Unito. Ad esempio, l'aggettivo " wee " (piccolo) è utilizzato quasi esclusivamente in alcune parti della Scozia e dell' Irlanda , e occasionalmente nello ...