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  1. Number ranges starting 01 can have National Significant Number (NSN) length of 10 or (very rarely) 9 digits. NSN is the number of digits after the leading 0 trunk code or +44 international prefix. The 0800 range can have NSN length as 10, 9, or 7 digits. The 0845 range can have NSN length as 10 or 7 digits.

  2. Telephone dialling codes in the United Kingdom. This is a list of telephone dialling codes in the United Kingdom, which adopts an open telephone numbering plan for its public switched telephone network. The national telephone numbering plan is maintained by Ofcom, an independent regulator and competition authority for the UK ...

  3. Initial allocations with 10 digits: freephone 0800 numbers. The longest telephone numbers in use until now had been 9 digits long (not including the 0 trunk code), e.g. 051 234 5678, 0303 456789, 03873 56789, 0800 445566.

    • Emergency services, (police, fire, ambulance, coastguard, mountain rescue, cave rescue)
  4. All communications trunks are now digital. Most are carried via national optical fibre networks. There are several companies with national fibre networks, including BT, Level 3 Communications, Virgin Media, Cable & Wireless, Easynet and Thus. Microwave links are used up to the 155 Mbit/s level, but are seldom cost-effective at higher bit rates .

  5. This is a list of dialling codes for telephones in the United Kingdom. Dialling codes are the basis for the national telephone numbering plan. They are prefixed to all telephone numbers, generally depending on the type of number and its geographic location. The numbering plan is maintained by Ofcom, which is an independent communications authority.

  6. Numbers beginning 01 or 02 are normal phone numbers for home and business telephone lines. These numbers are always split into two parts: The area code comes first, and is linked to a specific part of the country. For example, the 020 area code is for London and the 0121 code is for Birmingham.