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    2 giorni fa · Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus (/ ˌ d ɛ z ɪ ˈ d ɪər i ə s ɪ ˈ r æ z m ə s /; Dutch: [ˌdeːziˈdeːriʏs eˈrɑsmʏs]; English: Erasmus of Rotterdam or Erasmus; 28 October c.1466 – 12 July 1536) was a Dutch Christian humanist, Catholic theologian, educationalist, satirist, and philosopher.

  2. 2 giorni fa · Nicolaus Copernicus [b] (19 February 1473 – 24 May 1543) was a Renaissance polymath, active as a mathematician, astronomer, and Catholic canon, who formulated a model of the universe that placed the Sun rather than Earth at its center.

    • 24 May 1543 (aged 70), Frauenburg, Royal Prussia, Poland
  3. 2 giorni fa · Erasmus (born October 27, 1469 [1466?], Rotterdam, Holland [now in the Netherlands]—died July 12, 1536, Basel, Switzerland) was a Dutch humanist who was the greatest scholar of the northern Renaissance, the first editor of the New Testament, and also an important figure in patristics and classical literature.

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    2 giorni fa · Skanderbeg spent the following winter of 1466–67 in Italy, of which several weeks were spent in Rome trying to persuade Pope Paul II to give him money. At one point, he was unable to pay for his hotel bill, and he commented bitterly that he should be fighting against the Church rather than the Ottomans. [159]

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    1 giorno fa · Florentine architects such as Filippo Brunelleschi (13771466) and Leon Battista Alberti (1404–1472) were among the fathers of Renaissance architecture. The cathedral, topped by Brunelleschi's dome, dominates the Florentine skyline.

  6. 2 giorni fa · 1466–1503 Queen of England: James IV 1473–1513 King of Scotland: Margaret Tudor 1489–1541 Queen of Scotland: Archibald Douglas c. 1489 –1557 6th Earl of Angus: Henry Stewart c. 1495 –1552 1st Lord Methven: Elizabeth Tudor 1492–1495 Princess of England: Louis XII 1462–1515 King of France: Mary Tudor 1496–1533 Queen of ...

  7. 6 giorni fa · Signature. Isabella I ( Spanish: Isabel I; 22 April 1451 – 26 November 1504), [2] also called Isabella the Catholic (Spanish: Isabel la Católica ), was Queen of Castile and León from 1474 until her death in 1504. She was also Queen of Aragon from 1479 until her death as the wife of King Ferdinand II.