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    4 giorni fa · Philosophy portal. v. t. e. Born on Milk Street in the City of London, on 7 February 1478, Thomas More was the son of Sir John More, [11] a successful lawyer and later a judge, [3] [12] and his wife Agnes ( née Graunger). He was the second of six children. More was educated at St. Anthony's School, then considered one of London's best schools.

  2. 3 giorni fa · Isabella's first major reform came during the cortes of Madrigal in 1476 in the form of a police force, La Santa Hermandad (the Holy Brotherhood). Although 1476 was not the first time that Castile had seen the Hermandad, it was the first time that the police force was used by the crown.

  3. 5 giorni fa · He set brutal rules against defaulters and deserters. In 1476, he appointed Jehan de Dadizele to arrest deserters. Those guilty of encouraging soldiers to desert were to be executed and the deserters were to return to the army. However, unrealistic rules were set forth too, such as a ban on cursing and playing with dice.

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    4 giorni fa · For other uses, see Renaissance (disambiguation). Florence, birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. The architectural perspective and new systems of banking and accounting were introduced during the time. The Renaissance ( UK: / rəˈneɪsəns / rən-AY-sənss, US: / ˈrɛnəsɑːns / ⓘ REN-ə-sahnss) [1] [2] [a] is a period in history and a ...

  5. 5 giorni fa · 1476 = coreful perfect number 1477 = 7-Knödel number 1478 = total number of largest parts in all compositions of 11 1479 = number of planar partitions of 12 1480 = sum of the first 29 primes 1481 = Sophie Germain prime 1482 = pronic number, number of unimodal compositions of 15 where the maximal part appears once

  6. 3 giorni fa · Coronation of King Andrew. c. 1015. Son of Vazul and a lady from the Clan Tátony. Anastasia of Kiev. Adelaide, Duchess of Bohemia. Solomon, King of Hungary. David, Prince of Hungary. George ( illegitimate) Before 5 December 1060.

  7. 5 giorni fa · List of European medium wave transmitters. This is an incomplete list of medium wave transmitters in Europe. The emitted AM radio signal can be received on AM radios across Europe, depending on the power.