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    14 mar 2023 · 1495 by topic; Arts and science; Architecture; Art; Leaders; Political entities; State leaders; Religious leaders; Birth and death categories; Births – Deaths: Establishments and disestablishments categories; Establishments – Disestablishments: Art and literature; 1495 in poetry

  2. 1 giorno fa · 1018. Bolesław I's intervention in the Kievan succession crisis. Kievan Rus' allied to Poland and Hungary. Kievan Rus' allied to Yaroslav I. 1018. 1018. Battle of Vlaardingen. West Frisia. Holy Roman Empire.

  3. 6 ore fa · La Riforma protestante, o scisma protestante, è stato un importante movimento religioso sorto all'interno del cristianesimo occidentale nell'Europa del XVI secolo che pose una sfida teologica e politica alla Chiesa cattolica e in particolare all'autorità papale derivante da ciò che era percepito come errore, abuso e discrepanza rispetto …

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    4 giorni fa · August 14 – President Washington signs the Jay Treaty with Britain on behalf of the United States. [6] August 17 – A large slave rebellion occurs in Curaçao, suppressed following month. August 22 – French Revolution: The Constitution of the Year III is ratified by the National Convention.

  5. 29 mar 2023 · Im Mai 1495 kehrte er zurück nach Nürnberg. Von der jüngeren Forschung wird angezweifelt, dass Dürer im Rahmen dieser Reise jemals die Grenzen des deutschen Sprachgebiets überschritt, und die Indizien, die gegen einen Aufenthalt in Venedig sprechen, häufen sich: Dürer selbst erwähnte in seiner Familienchronik 1494/95 keine Reise nach Venedig.

  6. 14 mar 2023 · Undated [ edit] Quakers Act ("An Act that the Solemne Affirmation & Declaration of the People called Quakers shall be accepted instead of an Oath in the usual Forme") permits Quakers (who conscientiously object to taking an oath) to substitute an affirmation in certain legal proceedings.

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    14 mar 2023 · January 7 (December 28, 1694 O.S.) – The United Kingdom's last joint monarchy, the reign of husband-and-wife King William III and Queen Mary II comes to an end with the death of Queen Mary, at the age of 32. Princess Mary had been installed as the monarch along with her husband and cousin, Willem Hendrik von Oranje, Stadtholder of ...