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  1. 2 giorni fa · In the spring of 1863, Lincoln was sufficiently optimistic about upcoming military campaigns to think the end of the war could be near; the plans included attacks by Hooker on Lee north of Richmond, Rosecrans on Chattanooga, Grant on Vicksburg, and a naval assault on Charleston.

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    4 giorni fa · Napoleon III (Charles-Louis Napoléon Bonaparte; 20 April 1808 – 9 January 1873) was the first president of France from 1848 to 1852, and the last monarch of France as Emperor of the French from 1852 until he was deposed on 4 September 1870. Prior to his reign, Napoleon III was known as Louis Napoleon Bonaparte.

  3. 4 giorni fa · Unification of Italy - Wikipedia. Contents. hide. (Top) Background. Early revolutionary activity. Revolutions of 1848–1849 and First Italian War of Independence. Towards the Kingdom of Italy. Third War of Independence (1866) Rome. Problems. Historiography. Risorgimento and Italian irredentism. Anniversary of the unification of Italy.

  4. 3 giorni fa · In 1863 the Confederacy expelled European diplomatic missions for advising their resident subjects to refuse to serve in the Confederate army. Both Confederate and Union agents were allowed to work openly in British territories.

  5. 3 giorni fa · The Taiping Rebellion, also known as the Taiping Civil War or the Taiping Revolution, was a civil war in China between the Manchu -led Qing dynasty and the Hakka -led Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. The conflict lasted for 14 years, from its outbreak in 1850 until the fall of Nanjing —which they had renamed "Tianjing"—in 1864.

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    18 mag 2024 · He first used his pen name here on February 3, 1863, when he wrote a humorous travel account titled "Letter From Carson – re: Joe Goodman; party at Gov. Johnson's; music" and signed it "Mark Twain". His experiences in the American West inspired Roughing It, written during 1870–71 and published in 1872.

  7. 6 giorni fa · William Makepeace Thackeray (born July 18, 1811, Calcutta, India—died Dec. 24, 1863, London, Eng.) was an English novelist whose reputation rests chiefly on Vanity Fair (1847–48), a novel of the Napoleonic period in England, and The History of Henry Esmond, Esq. (1852), set in the early 18th century.