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  1. 24 mag 2023 · A Deadly Legend - Das Tor zur Hölle ist geöffnet: Originaltitel. A Deadly Legend: Genre. Horror: Filmart. Spielfilm (Darsteller) Regie. Pamela Moriarty: Darsteller

    • UCM ONE
    • Horror
    • Spielfilm (Darsteller)
    • A Deadly Legend
  2. 11 mag 2023 · Entdecken Sie "A Deadly Legend" von Pamela Moriarty mit Kristen Anne Ferraro, Lori Petty, Corbin Bernsen in DVD. .

    • Pamela Moriarty
  3. 1 giorno fa · Film 2007 Disease I Am Legend: In an abandoned New York City set in 2012, military virologist Robert Neville tries to find a cure to a man-made virus that killed almost everyone on Earth, while at the same time trying to survive against the vampiric zombies that it left behind.

  4. 3 mag 2023 · (Film, anime) The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 1 ; Lunedì 19 dicembre 2022 (Film) Natale a tutti i costi ; Domenica 18 dicembre 2022 (Film) Declaration

    • 16 Unforgiven
    • 15 The Equalizer
    • 14 Carrie
    • 13 Death Wish
    • 12 Upgrade
    • 11 Mandy
    • 10 John Wick
    • 9 Taken
    • 8 Cape Fear
    • 7 The Count of Monte Cristo

    In the critically-acclaimed Revisionist Western Unforgiven, legendary silver screen star Clint Eastwoodportays an aging gunslinger and retired outlaw who is brought back into the fold to help a young man seek revenge on the cowboys responsible for disfiguring a prostitute. After being approached by aspiring gunman The Schofield Kid, repentant widow...

    Denzel Washington brilliantly captures the role of a lethal vigilante seeking cold hard justice in the gripping action film The Equalizer, delivering a tour-de-force performance as a former intelligence agent who is compelled to take a stand against the Russian mafia after a teenage prostitute is assaulted. Robert McCall finds his quiet, reclusive ...

    This classic horror tale based on Stephen King's first novel follows Carrie, a bullied teenage girl who finds out she has telekinesis. On a night that was supposed to be a turnaround in her tumultuous life, she is humiliated in front of the entire school by her tormentors and snaps, deciding enough is enough. This film shows a vulnerable girl with ...

    After NYC architect Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson)'s wife and daughter are brutally attacked by a group of thugs (Jeff Goldblum plays Freak #1 in his first ever role), he goes on a rampage through NYC to not only get revenge on those who destroyed his family, but take vigilante justice to all of those he observes breaking the law. Death Wish is a pe...

    In Leigh Whannell's underrated and under-seen science fiction film Upgrade,Logan Marshall-Green plays Grey, a man who becomes paraplegic after he and his wife are victims of a gang shooting. Grey accepts the help of a famous techno-engineer and has a state-of-the-art microchip placed in his neck, which takes complete control of his physical functio...

    In probably the most important film in the resurgence of Nic Cage's career, Panos Cosmatos's Mandy is a visually stunning revenge flick. In Mandy, a happy couple's lives are destroyed when a cult of hippie drug addicts and their demon-biker henchman kidnap and brutally murder Red Miller (Cage)'s wife, Mandy, right in front of him, and leave him for...

    John Wick wanted to leave his past as an assassin behind and grow old with his wife. But, when she dies of cancer, she leaves behind a beagle puppy so that John doesn’t have to grieve alone, giving him a final glimmer of hope after losing the only person he loved. But, when thugs break into his house and kill the puppy, his hope is snuffed out, and...

    A retired CIA operative and divorcee (Liam Neeson) listens helplessly as his estranged daughter is abducted half the world away. Then, with her kidnappers listening, he gives a deadly warning, let her go or die. Parents who see Takenwon’t find it challenging to connect with the stoic father. What parent doesn’t think of the lengths they’ll go to pr...

    Flipping the narrative of revenge against the hero, both of these films, the original and the Scorcese remake, showcase a deadly cat and mouse game between a deranged convict (Robert De Niro) and his former lawyer (Nick Nolte) who lets him go to prison. Here is an example of the consequences of doing the right thing. When the lawyer, Sam, had a cha...

    Edmond Dantes (Jim Caviezel) had a great life, a great career, and a loving fiancé. That is until he’s betrayed by his best friend and finds himself wrongly imprisoned with everything good in his life stolen from him. Edmond has been thinking about the life he once had and the friend who betrayed him for almost two decades and is ready to take back...

  5. 8 mag 2023 · I migliori siti streaming sono quelli che permettono di godere di film e serie TV gratis e che offrono una buona qualità video. Ci sono molti siti che potrebbero farvi girare a vuoto prima di mostrarvi contenuti validi, ecco perché abbiamo stilato la classifica dei migliori siti streaming che danno risultati immediati!

  6. 12 mag 2023 · The 17 Best Death Game Movies: You Either Win or You Die. The "death game" genre only continues to be more popular. Here are several thrilling death game movies worth watching!

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    relativo a: A Deadly Legend film
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