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  1. THOMAS CUSHMAN: I’d like to focus on the response of Polish intellectuals and former anticommunists and activists to the war in Iraq, Polish relations with the United States more generally, and how the latter have affected relations between Poland and other... xml. Sometimes, a War Saves People.

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  3. The first two sections of the book outline the humanitarian argument for war. The authors suggest that the Iraq War is justified on the basis of protecting the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein's oppressive government and shielding the world from dangerous weapons in the hands of a tyrannous regime.

    • Lisa A. Leitz
    • 2006
  4. 7 nov 2005 · Current debate over the motives, ideological justifications, and outcomes of the war with Iraq has been strident and polarizing. This book is the first volume gathering critical voices from around the world to offer an alternative perspective on the prevailing pro-war and anti-war positions.

  5. A Matter of Principle Humanitarian Arguments for War in Iraq. by Thomas Cushman (Editor) July 2005; First Edition; eBook $30.95, £26.00; Title Details. Rights: Available worldwide Pages: 384 ISBN: 9780520932166

  6. 11 lug 2005 · A Matter of Principle: Humanitarian Arguments for War in Iraq [Cushman, Thomas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Matter of Principle: Humanitarian Arguments for War in Iraq

    • Paperback
  7. Acknowledgments Introduction: The Liberal-Humanitarian Case for the War in Iraq Thomas Cushman PART ONE RECONSIDERING REGIME CHANGE 1 The Case for Regime Change Christopher Hitchens 2 Liberal Legacies, Europe's Totalitarian Era, and the Iraq War: Historical Conjectures and Comparisons Jeffrey Herf 3 Regime Change": The Case of Iraq Jan Narveson ...