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  1. Beta: A vision of Britain through time... Search by placename to view statistics, maps, writings and more. Enter a full postcode or a place name (just a name, NO county) in the search box to access all our content for a place

  2. 13/06/2018 · Global Britain is about reinvesting in our relationships, championing the rules-based international order and demonstrating that the UK is open, outward-looking and confident on the world stage.

  3. 28/10/2022 · Sunak, whose in-laws’ company Infosys has made more than $120m in public sector deals in Britain since he entered government, belongs to this serenely diverse global plutocracy rather than any ...

  4. Land Use maps: Our collection includes a complete set of the one mile to the inch and ten miles to the inch maps published by the Land Utilisation Survey of Great Britain. They record what each plot of land was being used for on the day it was surveyed, in the 1930s.

  5. The New Statesman is the leading progressive political and cultural magazine in the United Kingdom and around the world. Click here for the latest news and features.

  6. 10/10/2022 · T he Sun called it “Bonk for Britain” and illustrated the story with a couple about to have sex: this is a cabinet minister’s notion, floated at the Conservative party conference last week ...

  7. Great Britain’s foreign investments to-day is estimated at about £4,000,000,000. This yields us an income at the rate of about 6½ per cent. Half of this we bring home and enjoy; the other half, namely, 3¼ per cent, we leave to accumulate abroad at compound interest. Something of this sort has now been going on for about 250 years.