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  1. Pachacuti who would later create Tahuantinsuyu, or Inca Empire became the ruler of Cusco. January 1 – Albert II of Habsburg becomes King of Hungary. March 18 – Albert II of Habsburg becomes King of Germany. Eric of Pomerania, King of Sweden, Denmark and Norway loses direct control of Sweden. Karl Knutsson Bonde is elected Regent of Sweden.

  2. 15 feb 2021 · The study results show little change in health from the Late Intermediate Period (AD 1000–1438) to the Inca Imperial Period (AD 1438–1532). When the location of the Inca burial sites was analysed, individuals from sites closest to the centre of the empire's capital showed lower frequencies in pathological conditions compared with individuals from sites in the countryside.

  3. Objectives: Cranial vault modification (CVM), the intentional reshaping of the head, indicated group affiliation in prehistoric Andean South America. This study aims to analyze CVM data from the Cuzco region of Peru to illuminate patterns of early migration and settlement along with the later impact of the Inca Empire (AD 1438-1532) on the ethnic landscape.

  4. 4 ago 2021 · AD 1420–1532, with activity beginning two decades earlier than suggested by the textual sources that associate the site with Emperor Pachacuti's rise to power in AD 1438. The new AMS dates—the first large set published for Machu Picchu—therefore have implications for the wider understanding of Inca chronology.

  5. paper and stamped leather binding, Mamluk Period (AH 842 - 857 / AD 1438 - 1453), ... Gold necklace, Ayyubid Dynasty (AH 549 - 628 / AD 1171 - 1250), 24 cm.

  6. 776 BC. The first Olympic Games are held. The first Olympic Games were held in the Greek city of Olympia. 734 BC. The Greeks capture Italy. Polydorus was the leader of the largest Greek city, Sparta. He sent troops to Italy and captured the land. 719 BC. Polydorus is killed.

  7. This page indexes the individual years pages. AD:2100 - AD:2099 - AD:2098 - AD:2097 - AD:2096 - AD:2095 - AD:2094 - AD:2093 - AD:2092 - AD:2091 AD:2090 - AD:2089 - AD ...