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  1. Alexander Joseph Patrick Wilson (24 October 1893 – 4 April 1963) was an English writer, spy and MI6 officer. He wrote under the names Alexander Wilson, Geoffrey Spencer, Gregory Wilson, and Michael Chesney. After his death, his family discovered that he had been a serial polygamist who had lied to many people.

  2. Alexander Wilson (July 6, 1766 – August 23, 1813) was a Scottish-American poet, ornithologist, naturalist, and illustrator. Identified by George Ord as the "Father of American Ornithology", Wilson is regarded as the greatest American ornithologist before Audubon .

  3. Read an exclusive Q&A with Alexander Wilson biographer Tim Crook, and learn more about the mysterious life of Wilson and his families.

  4. 16 apr 2024 · Alexander Wilson was a Scottish-born ornithologist and poet whose pioneering work on North American birds, American Ornithology, 9 vol., (1808–14), established him as a founder of American ornithology and one of the foremost naturalists of his time. During his early years in Scotland he wrote.

  5. 11 December 2018. By Sam Wilson,BBC News. BBC. Ruth Wilson played her real-life grandmother, Alison Wilson, in the BBC drama Mrs Wilson. BBC One's Mrs Wilson - in which the actress Ruth...

  6. ALTRI RISULTATI DI RICERCA. DAL VOCABOLARIO. LEMMI CORRELATI. WILSON, Alexander. Giuseppe Montalenti. Ornitologo e poeta inglese, nato a Paisley (Scozia) il 6 luglio 1766, morto a Filadelfia (Pennsylvania) il 23 agosto 1813. Fu operaio tessitore e scrisse un notevole poema, Matty and Meg.

  7. 20 mag 2019 · Alexander Wilson: The Scot Who Founded American Ornithology | Ornithology | Oxford Academic. Journal Article. Alexander Wilson: The Scot Who Founded American Ornithology. by Edward H. Burtt, Jr. and William E. Davis, Jr. 2013. . The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. , Cambridge, MA, USA, and London, UK. . 464.