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  1. We use all of before personal pronouns (us, them), demonstrative pronouns (this, that, these, those) and relative pronouns (whom, which). The personal pronoun is in the object form: I need to speak to all of you for a few minutes. He brought gifts for all of us. We had to contact the insurance firm and the airline, all of which took a lot of time.

  2. All means ‘every one’, ‘the complete number or amount’ or ‘the whole’. We use it most often as a determiner. We can use a countable noun or an uncountable noun after it: …. All as a determiner. All means ‘every one’, ‘the complete number or amount’ or ‘the whole’.

  3. Synonyms for ALL: quite, fully, completely, even, totally, perfectly, exactly, out; Antonyms of ALL: just, half, partially, halfway, partly, barely, hardly, scarcely

  4. a. : the whole number, quantity, or amount : totality. all that I have. all of us. all of the books. b. used in such phrases as for all I know, for all I care, and for all the good it does to indicate a lack of knowledge, interest, or effectiveness. 2. : everybody, everything.

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