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  1. Lord Augustus FitzClarence ( Londra, 1º marzo 1805 – 14 giugno 1854) è stato un nobile e religioso inglese, figlio illegittimo di Guglielmo IV del Regno Unito e della sua amante Dorothea Jordan . Indice. 1 Biografia. 2 Matrimonio e discendenza. 3 Ascendenza. 4 Note. 5 Bibliografia. Biografia.

  2. Occupation. Chaplain. Lord Augustus FitzClarence (1 March 1805 – 14 June 1854), was the youngest illegitimate son of William IV of the United Kingdom and his long-time mistress Dorothea Jordan. Like his siblings, he had little contact with his mother after his parents separated in 1811.

  3. There is little outward evidence of the most flamboyant and engaging of Mapledurham characters, who lives buried in a discreet and unassuming grave on the south side of the church: Lord Augustus Fitzclarence, natural son of William IV by Mrs Jordan, and Vicar of Mapledurham from 1829 until his death in 1854.

  4. Augustus FitzClarence was born in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and educated in England at Radley College in Oxfordshire. An all-round sportsman, he played for the football first XI and rowed with the Radley VIII at Henley for three years between 1896-98, and was Captain of Boats in the last of those years.

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    Augustus FitzClarence (1805–1854) Amelia FitzClarence (1807–1858) William FitzClarence, 2nd Earl of Munster (1824–1901) Geoffrey FitzClarence, 3rd Earl of Munster (1859–1902) Aubrey FitzClarence, 4th Earl of Munster (1862–1928) Geoffrey FitzClarence, 5th Earl of Munster (1906–1975) Edward FitzClarence, 6th Earl of Munster (1899–1983)

  6. 3 giorni fa · Lord Augustus FitzClarence (1 March 1805 - 14 June 1854) Lord Augustus FitzClarence was the youngest illegitimate son of William IV's liaison with Dorothea Jordan. In 1829 Augustus was appointed a Chaplain of his father and later that year he was presented with the vicar of Mapledurham in Oxfordshire.

  7. Augustus FitzClarence – Wikipedia. Lord Augustus FitzClarence (* 1. März 1805; † 14. Juni 1854) war der jüngste illegitime Sohn des britischen Königs Wilhelm IV. und ein anglikanischer Geistlicher. Er wurde 1805 als Sohn des Prinzen William, Duke of Clarence and St Andrews, und dessen langjährigen Mätresse Dorothea Jordan geboren.