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    February 11, 1959. 26min. TV-PG. Bat Masterson, frequent target of gunfights, falls into the sights of Harry Varden's trigger man. Varden, biggest saloonkeeper in Dodge City, fears that Bat plans to relieve him of some property - and he figures his only recourse is to eliminate Masterson.

  2. 3 set 2021 · Bat Masterson was a Wild West jack of all trades. Library of Congress. In the black and white daguerreotype capturing all the icons of the American Wild West, Bartholomew William Barclay Masterson is there, along with Wild Bill Hickok and Buffalo Bill and Doc Holliday and several others, and with his old friend, Wyatt Earp, too, all staring ...

  3. Bat Masterson. A cura di Omar Vicari Bartholomew Masterson è stato sicuramente uno dei più famosi “lawmen e gunfighter” del vecchio West. In contrasto alla sua formidabile reputazione di uomo della “sei colpi”, lo si poteva vedere molto spesso per le strade di Dodge City vestito di tutto punto.

  4. 26 mar 2018 · Bat Masterson started life as a Canadian boy named Bartholomew. Born in Quebec on November 26, 1853, he was the second son of Thomas Masterson and Catherine McGurk. Popular legend suggests he acquired the nickname “Bat” from his habit of using an ornate cane to belabor rowdy cowboys during his stint as a Dodge City lawman.

  5. Bat Masterson è una serie televisiva statunitense in 108 episodi trasmessi per la prima volta nel corso di 3 stagioni dal 1958 al 1961 . È una serie western e un resoconto romanzato della vita del pistolero, giurista e giornalista statunitense Bat Masterson (personaggio realmente esistito), interpretato da Gene Barry .

  6. 12 giu 2006 · Oddly enough, the legend of Bat Masterson, gunfighter nonpareil, had its genesis in a wildly exaggerated story about him in a New York newspaper more than 20 years earlier. Titled ‘A Mild Eyed Man Who Killed Twenty-six Persons,’ the largely fictitious account first appeared in the New York Sun in 1881 and was reprinted in papers all over ...

  7. Beau-Brummel-of-the-Frontier Bat Masterson calls on his tailor at Junction, New Mexico. However, the well-known craftsman - newly chosen head of a Special Ci...

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