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  1. Beg, Borrow or Steal is a 1937 American comedy film directed by Wilhelm Thiele and written by Leonard Lee, Harry Ruskin and Marion Parsonnet. The film stars Frank Morgan, Florence Rice, John Beal, Janet Beecher, Herman Bing and Erik Rhodes. The film was released on December 3, 1937, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

  2. Beg, Borrow or Steal: Directed by Wilhelm Thiele. With Frank Morgan, Florence Rice, John Beal, Janet Beecher. A con man must pass himself off as the owner of a château on the French Riviera when he is expected to host his estranged daughter's wedding.

    • (257)
    • Comedy, Romance
    • Wilhelm Thiele
    • 1937-12-03
  3. 20 mar 1973 · Beg, Borrow ... or Steal: Directed by David Lowell Rich. With Mike Connors, Kent McCord, Michael Cole, Joel Fabiani. Three disabled men--one blind, one with no legs and one with no hands--get together to pull off a museum robbery.

    • (65)
    • Drama
    • David Lowell Rich
    • 1973-03-20
  4. 8 mag 2022 · di David Lowell Rich - Tre disabili organizzano il furto di alcuni preziosi in un museo. Discreta la prima mezz'ora con l'ingegnosa preparazione del colpo in cui la sceneggiatura riesce persino a creare qualche momento di tensione (i contrattempi, l'imprevedibile piccolo incidente); più avanti, esaurito anche il bonus-simpatia per l'insolita banda di ladri, ci si appiattisce su un'andatura ...

  5. 2 giorni fa · An American con man (Frank Morgan) invites his estranged wife (Florence Rice) and daughter to visit him in Paris at a chateau he does not have.

    • Drama
    • Frank Morgan
    • William Thiele
  6. Harry Ruskin. Screenplay. We find con-man Ingraham Steward living by his wits by steering wealthy Paris visitors to sellers of fake paintings and other assorted dodges. He and his wife, Agatha, have been separated for 15 years, but he promises to give their daughter, Joyce, a lavish wedding at his "château" in France.

  7. Synopsis. A museum heist with an unusual twist: the three thieves are all physically disabled. The men, one confined to a wheelchair, one with prosthetic hands, and one blind, plan to steal a valuable statue. The men use teamwork and ingenuity to beat the high-tech security and get in and out with the statue.