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  1. Bernardo Clavijo del Castillo (1549–1626) Early Baroque era composers (born 1550–99) Composers of the Early Baroque era include the following figures listed by the probable or proven date of their birth: Jacobus Gallus (1550–1591) Charles Tessier (1550–after 1604) Thomas Mancinus (1550–1612) Ippolito Baccusi (1550–1609)

  2. Sophie Elisabeth, Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1613–1676) Marc'Antonio Pasqualini (1614–1691) Nicolo Borboni (fl.1614–1641) Franz Tunder (1614–1667) Wendelin Hueber (1615–1679) Carlo Caproli (c. 1615–c. 1692) Angiolo Michele Bartolotti (c. 1615–1696) Johann Jakob Froberger (1616–1667) Kaspar Förster il Giovane (1616–1673)

  3. (He published numerous pamphlets, often anonymous, on behalf of the House of Brunswick-Lüneburg, most notably the "De jure suprematum" a major consideration of the nature of sovereignty.) One substantial book appeared posthumously, his Nouveaux essais sur l'entendement humain , which Leibniz had withheld from publication after the death of John Locke .

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    March 23 – Augustus William, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (b. 1662) April 24 – Daniel Defoe, English writer (b. c. 1660) April 28. Johann Theodor Jablonski, German lexicographer (b. 1654) James Olmsted, Connecticut politician (b. 1645) May 1 – Johann Ludwig Bach, German composer (b. 1677) May 11 – Mary Astell, English feminist writer (b ...

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    1887 – Bernardo Houssay, Argentinian physiologist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1971) 1889 – Louis Rougier, French philosopher from the Vienna Circle (d. 1982) 1891 – Frank Barson, English footballer and coach (d. 1968) 1893 – Otto Steinböck, Austrian zoologist (d. 1969) 1894 – Ben Nicholson, British painter (d. 1982)

  6. Carlo d'Asburgo (Vienna, 1º ottobre 1685 – Vienna, 20 ottobre 1740) è stato imperatore del Sacro Romano Impero e Re di Napoli come Carlo VI, Arciduca d'Austria, Re di Sicilia, Re di Sardegna, Re d'Ungheria, Re di Boemia, Duca di Milano, Duca di Parma e Piacenza, Re di Spagna e Conte di Barcellona come Carlo III e Duca di Teschen come Carlo I.

  7. Brunswick-Lüneburg was a duchy that had been divided into several territories, one of which was ruled by George III as the Electorate of Brunswick-Lüneburg (Hanover). The neighboring Duchy of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (Brunswick) was ruled by Duke Charles I of Brunswick-Bevern ; his son and heir, Charles William Ferdinand , was married to Princess Augusta of Great Britain , the sister of ...