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  1. Birgitte was born Birgitte Eva van Deurs Henriksen, in Odense, Denmark, the younger daughter of Asger Preben Wissing Henriksen, a lawyer, and his wife, Vivian van Deurs. She was educated in Odense and at finishing schools in Lausanne and Cambridge. She took her mother's ancestral name van Deurs on 15 January 1966, after her parents' separation.

  2. 11/09/2022 · Queen Elizabeth II had only one sibling, Princess Margaret. She was four years younger than the queen, and died in 2002 at 71 years old. About two months later, their mother Queen Elizabeth passed ...

  3. Lo Stendardo Reale usato in Inghilterra, Galles e Irlanda del Nord. Lo Stendardo Reale usato in Scozia.. Come la maggior parte delle Case Reali, anche i Windsor possiedono numerosi palazzi, castelli e ville utilizzate come residenze ufficiali o luoghi di riposo a seconda del sovrano regnante.

  4. By marriage. The wife of a British prince becomes a British princess, but she cannot use the princess title before her own given name. She can use the princess title with her husband's given name (e.g. Princess Michael of Kent), while the wife of the Prince of Wales is styled as the Princess of Wales (e.g. Catherine, Princess of Wales).

  5. Proff™ Rollesøg giver dig en hurtig og enkelt oversigt over personer med officielle roller i erhvervslivet.

  6. 10/03/2021 · It was previously home to the Queen's cousin, Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester, and his wife the Duchess, Birgitte van Deurs. SEE: Prince Richard and wife Birgitte move home inside ...

  7. La famille royale britannique regroupe les personnes liées de près à la monarchie britannique.Il n'y a pas de définition stricte de qui est membre, ou de qui n'est pas membre de la famille royale, et différentes listes de membres peuvent être établies, selon l’événement.