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  1. 1 giorno fa · Ultimately Bob Hoskins was chosen by Spielberg because of his acting skill, and because Spielberg believed he had a hopeful demeanor and he looked like he belonged in that era. To facilitate Hoskins' performance, Charles Fleischer dressed in a Roger Rabbit costume and "stood in" behind camera for most scenes.

    • June 22, 1988
  2. 28 mag 2023 · John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins in 1993's Super Mario Bros. (LMK/Alamy) 1993’s Super Mario Bros. The Movie is widely considered to be one of the worst films ever made but it turns out, this reputation differs depending on who you ask. Take Mario super-fan Ryan Hoss, for example. He’s not only convinced that cinema’s first video game ...

  3. 28 mag 2023 · 绕滚影视,1980超清1080P漫长美好的星期五电影在线观看完整版,漫长美好的星期五剧情介绍:奥斯卡提名男演员Bob Hoskins在本片中扮演伦敦黑社会的一名凶残的帮派首领。但是一天他准备和一个美国犯罪家族达成一笔交易之际,他的整个

  4. 28 mag 2023 · John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins in 1993’s Super Mario Bros. (Alamy) “I knew the franchise best from Super Mario World and already understood that dinosaurs were an important aspect of that universe, so it wasn’t too much of a confusing situation for me when I finally saw the film,” admits Applebaum, commenting on the Dino-hattan parallel universe in which much of the movie takes place.

  5. 28 mag 2023 · Nerd Origins. Super Mario Bros.: prima del recente successo del film animato, ci fu il tempo del disastroso live action con Bob Hoskins.

  6. 28 mag 2023 · The central premise of Thick As Thieves is a classic sitcom setup. Bob Hoskins plays George, who emerges from prison having served three years for burglary only to find that in the interim his wife Annie, played by Pat Ashton, has begun a relationship with his best friend Stan ( John Thaw ). When the latter is injured and cannot leave the house ...

  7. Palme d'Or. Grand Prix. Jury Prize. 1975. Chronicle of the Years of Fire. The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser. 1976. Taxi Driver. Cría Cuervos 🪢 The Marquise of O.