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    Otep is an American nu metal band. The band was formed in November 2000 in Los Angeles by frontwoman Otep Shamaya. The band is noted for their style of "art-house nu metal", [1] and their strong political stances. [2] . Throughout the course of several lineup changes over the years, Shamaya has remained the only constant member in the band. [3]

    • 2000–present
    • Los Angeles, California, U.S.
  2. Otep is an alternative metal band. Discography: Sevas Tra, House of Secrets, The Ascension, Smash the Control Machine, Atavist.. Songs: T.R.I.C., Tortured, Blood Pigs, Ostracized, Battle Ready.. Members: Otep Shamaya.

    Release Date
    Sep 15, 2023
    Jul 27, 2018
    Apr 15, 2016
    Jan 22, 2013
    • United States
    • Alternative Metal, Nu Metal
    • 2000, Los Angeles, California
  3. Drummer Brian Wollf joined Otep early 2006. Previously he had played with Synapse. Wolff joined Otep for the recording of their highly anticipated third album.

  4. Otep is an American Nu Metal project from Los Angeles, California. Contents. 1History. 2Musical Style and Influences. 3Discography. 4Trivia. History. Musical Style and Influences. Otep's style is generally regarded as Nu Metal with elements of Rap Rock and Death Metal .

  5. Otep Shamaya (vocals), “Evil ” J. McGuire (bass ,backing vocals), Steven Barbola (guitar), and Brian “Haggis ” Wolff (drums)

  6. Otep; Band Members Otep Shamaya: Former Members Tarver Marsh · Dave "Spooky" Aguilera · Mark "Moke" Bistany · Rob Patterson · Jason "eViL J" McGuire · Karma Singh Cheema · Brian "Haggis" Wolff · Justin Kier · "Ari Mihalopoulos" · "Andrew Barnes" · "Lamar Little"

  7. Brian "Haggis" Wolff; Justin Kier: Website: History Early years, Jihad and Sevas Tra (2000–2003) Otep began as a band in Los Angeles, California, in ...