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  1. 29 nov 2023 · Carina significa "amata" o "cara". Ha radici antiche e un forte significato sia in campo religioso che culturale.

  2. 28 nov 2023 · Carina Lau went to the police station and explained to the police the details of the kidnapping incident that year. After being robbed by the kidnappers, when she was forced to take off her clothes and take pictures, she was extremely humiliated and deeply desperate.

  3. 23 nov 2023 · The police rushed to the investigation site and found an earring at the scene. It was quickly confirmed that it was indeed Carina Lau. Judging from the various traces left on the car, the car owner might indeed be kidnapped. After more than 3 hours, it was almost dawn, and Carina Lau suddenly appeared in front of this building.

  4. 26 nov 2023 · However, things get more complicated. A friend of Tony Leung, Chen Huimin, who was from the Hong Kong underworld, learned that Carina Lau was kidnapped by kidnappers and took indecent photos. He used his personal resources to help Carina Lau solve the problem, destroy the indecent photos and send the kidnapper to prison.

  5. 25 nov 2023 · Carina Lau was kidnapped by the gang in the black 3 hours 2023-11-19 22:51 As we all know, Liu Jialing was kidnapped by the gang, and experienced the most dark 3 hours in life, eventually from Hong Kong 14K, Chen Huimin, came to help solve it, the Hong Kong entertainment industry has more messy, far beyond our normal people Imagination.

  6. 28 nov 2023 · What exactly happened to her? The cause of Carina Lau's kidnapping One early morning in 1990, Zeng Zhiwei organized a poker game at his friend Miao Qiaowei's house, and asked Carina Lau to come. Carina Lau, who was involved in gambling, naturally did not refuse, so she drove there by herself.