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  2. If it's worth doing, we've got it. Find the best tours and activities for your trip. Spend your trip making memories, not missing out while you're waiting in line.

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  1. 10 lug 2013 · BBC Blockbuster Miniseries Hosted By The Late Sir Robert Hardy. Presented in a "Four" part Format.. Featuring England,Scotland,Wales And Ireland. Each episode "One" hour in length.This Segment ...

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  2. Castle Ghosts of Ireland: Directed by Gary Birch. With Robert Hardy, Pauline Cadell, Shane O'Neill, Sara Mary Watson. The family locks of Ireland are kept in itself by the certificates of deadly feud, mean murders. In our days, still located on a tableland, locks are a living reminder about the victims of past years.

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    • Gary Birch
    • Robert Hardy, Pauline Cadell, Shane O'Neill
    • Kinnitty Castle
    • Ballyseede Castle
    • Kilkea Castle
    • Cabra Castle
    • Ross Castle
    • Markree Castle
    • Blackwater Castle
    • Ballygally Castle

    You’ll find Kinnitty Castle in the countryside of Birr in County Offaly where it has left past guests feeling a little spooked after a stay in certain rooms. In fact, this supposedly haunted castle in Ireland attracted the attention of the TV show ‘Most Haunted’, who filmed here back in 2004. The castle was first built in 1209 but was rebuilt to it...

    If you’re up for a weekend away with the chance sighting of a ghost, a night at this stunning castle outside of Tralee is a must. The Ballyseede Castle estate dates back to the late 18th century and it has a history that is packed full of legends and stories of spirits. The castle’s most popular ghost is former resident Hilda Blennerhassett, who is...

    Kilkea Castle in Kildare is often referred to as one of the most haunted castles in Ireland, and for good reason, as a stay at this estate can include a ‘special’ night-time supernatural tour. The guided post-sunset walk takes visitors through the history of the castle, while also offering a chance to spot some of the more well-known Kilkea ghosts....

    Cabra Castle in Cavan was once votedthe second scariest hotel in the world. The ghosts of this castle are tied to a forbidden relationship that took place in the 1780s. A relationship began between the son of the then-owner of the castle and a servant girl. The story goes that when the girl fell pregnant, she was taken from the castle and tragicall...

    You have a pretty high chance of encountering the supernatural world at Ross Castle in County Meath, by all accounts. This 16th-century castle turned B&B, was originally built by the famously cruel, English Lord Richard Nugent. Although his presence has been reported within the grounds, it’s his daughter, Sabina, who most often haunts guests. It is...

    Don’t be fooled by the incredibly stunning Markree Castle in Sligo. This beautiful Gothic-style estate has a little girl called Pippa who has spooked guestsin the past. She has been known to play tricks on people by locking them in their rooms, as well as, chatting with other children who come with their family to stay. However, it is said that she...

    Castles boasting 9,000 years+ of history often have a story or two of ghost sightings, and Blackwater Castle in Cork is no different. It’s believed that this castle is haunted by the spirit of Lady Roche, a brave woman who led the defence of the castle in 1650 until it eventually fell to Lord Broghill. Lady Roche was kept imprisoned in the castle t...

    Ballygally Castle is one of a number of haunted castles in Northern Ireland. You’ll find it perched on the Antrim Coast where it’s said to have a friendly resident ghost. It is said that Lady Isabella Shaw, the wife of Lord James Shaw, still walks the corridors of the castle at night. According to legend, the cruel Lord locked her in a room at the ...

  3. 6 ago 2023 · In Ireland, ghost stories are real, and if you have the nerve, you may want to visit some of the most haunted places in Ireland. These tales have been passed down from one courageous person to another in hushed tones over the years.

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  5. 15 mar 2014 · 6 subscribers. 36. 3.3K views 9 years ago. Castle Ghosts of Ireland - Presented by Robert Hardy Scare yourself silly with this guide to the Ghosts that roam Ireland's Ancient ...more....

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  6. 2 ago 2023 · These 11 Irish haunted castles are rumored to be haunted by everything from ghostly figures to unexplained noises that seem to reverberate within their walls. Join us on this chilling tour of some of Irelands most haunted castles if you dare to venture into the shadows of history and face the unknown.

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    relativo a: Castle Ghosts of Ireland
  2. If it's worth doing, we've got it. Find the best tours and activities for your trip. Spend your trip making memories, not missing out while you're waiting in line.