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  1. 25 apr 2024 · Since ghosts and spirits don’t seem to have a preference, they can be found in Scottish castles of any age, description, or condition. There are about 1500 castles in Scotland, ranging from fully restored masterpieces to mysterious ruins.

  2. 3 mag 2024 · 4. 4 views 10 minutes ago. Dunskey Castle in Scotland has been said to be haunted for hundreds of years. There are several different legends of ghosts that surround the castle. I tell you...

  3. 6 giorni fa · Ghosts of Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle is the most besieged castle in Britain, with 23 attacks throughout Scotland's history. The Scottish equivalent of the Tower of London, it houses the country's crown jewels, served as a prison and barracks, and protected the Royal Family during times of unrest.

  4. 12 mag 2024 · Join us on a chilling journey into the heart of Scotland's historic past as we explore the haunted corridors and hidden chambers of Stirling Castle. In "Cast...

  5. 4 giorni fa · Edinburgh Castle is a historic castle in Edinburgh, Scotland. It stands on Castle Rock, which has been occupied by humans since at least the Iron Age. There has been a royal castle on the rock since at least the reign of Malcolm III in the 11th century, and the castle continued to be a royal residence until 1633.

  6. 6 giorni fa · Are you ready for a haunted walk around Edinburgh? Discover Edinburgh’s dark and bloody past, from the Great Scottish Witch Hunts to the Burke and Hare murders and learn about the haunting stories of the Wizard of West Bow, the Grey Lady, George Mackenzie and more.

  7. 3 mag 2024 · A tour of ancient Glamis Castle in the East of Scotland: its secrets, its charms, its many ghosts.