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  1. Chungdam High School ( Korean: 청담고등학교) is a public high school located in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It was opened in 1990.

  2. Cheongdam Middle School is a public middle school located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Notable Alumni: TAEMIN (SHINee). JENNIE (BLACKPINK).

    • 1984
    • 1-3 (= 7-9)
    • Co-Ed
    • Public Middle School
  3. 공지사항. 청담중학교 도서관 '새 책을 잡아라!'. 행사 안내. 2024-06-04. 종로도서관 『제31회 청소년 철 (哲)든 독후감 쓰기 대. 2024-05-27. 독서교육통합 플랫폼 '독서로' 이용 안내. 2024-05-24. 국립해양생물자원관 제6회 해양생물 탐구대회 참가 안내.

  4. Middle school in Gangnam-gu; Cheongdam-dong; Opened in 1984; Namuwiki Educational Institution Project

    • Newjeans’ Hyein
    • Babymonster’S Rora
    • Babymonster’S Chiquita
    • Lapillus’ Haeun
    • Triples’S Yeonji
    • Class:Y’S Boeun
    • Class:Y’S Seonyou

    Aged 14 years old, Hyein is currently in the 3rd year of middle school, meaning the idol will graduate and join high school this year. NewJeans debuted on August 1 of last year with their lead single “Attention” and New Jeans mini-album. Before Newjeans, Hyein was part of another group, Kids Planet‘s first kids’ group U.SSO Girl. The group debuted ...

    Even though BABYMONSTER hasn’t had its official debut yet, the members have been revealed one by one through YG Entertainment‘s introductory videos on YouTube. They have garnered a lot of attention, with fans eager to see what the group’s official debut will be like. BABYMONSTER’s vocalist, Rora, is attending her 3rd year at Hupyeong Middle School....

    Similar to her bandmate, Chiquita, is currently in her 2nd year. She was born in 2009, which makes the Thai idol the youngest in BABYMONSTER at 13 years old. Before joining YG Entertainment, Chiquita was part of a cover group called Red Rose. She showed incredible dancing skills during the group’s covers, impressing fans and non-fans alike.

    Haeun is attending her 3rd year at Eonbuk Middle School. She was born on November 2, 2008 — which makes the young star 14 years old. Haeun is the youngest in Lapillus, thus she has earned the nickname “Maknae on Top.” When Lapillus had its official debut, on June 20, 2022, Haeun was the youngest active female idol in the industry.

    Yeonji is also in her 3rd year, but she attends Chowol Middle School. The tripleSstar was born on January 8th, 2008. Recently turned 15 years old, Yeonji was only 14 when the group debuted on October 28 of last year. The young idol shared that she has been learning how to play the piano since she was seven years old.

    Boeunis going through her 3rd year as a middle schooler, at Cheongdam Middle School. She was born on February 11, 2008. Before debuting in CLASS:y, Boeun was part of My Teenage Girl. She was the oldest member of the first grade on the show. The CLASS:y star is often compared to Jennie, as many fans say she looks a lot like the BLACKPINKmember — the...

    Seonyouis in the same year and school as her bandmate, Boeun. Born on March 20, 2008, she was the youngest active female idol when CLASS:y had their official debut. Like Boeun, Soenyou was also part of My Teenage girl. The idol was considered one of the aces of her grade in the show, displaying incredible dancing skills. Seonyou also has a YouTube ...

  5. Verse 2: Learning from the grace of the Buddha, we will cultivate the courage of the vast sea of the Yellow Sea and bloom the flower of eternal light with the culture of delivery that has been shaken off for 5,000 years. We are the proud workers of a new history.

  6. Cheongdam-dong (Korean: 청담동) is a ward of Gangnam District in Seoul, South Korea. [1] [2] The area is best known in South Korea as an affluent neighborhood populated by a disproportionately high number of high-income individuals and for having some of the most expensive real estate in the country.