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  1. 17 set 2023 · Amber Alert: Infant boy found in Juárez; father arrested in Mexico. Mission of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. Juárez, also called Ciudad Juárez, city, northern Chihuahua estado (state), northern Mexico. It is located on the Rio Grande (Río Bravo del Norte) opposite El Paso, Texas, U.S., with which it is connected by bridges.

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    1 giorno fa · Two Oaxacans, Juárez and Porfirio Díaz, were prominent players in the Reform War. It is difficult to overstate Juárez's meaning to the state. He was born on March 21, 1806, in the village of San Pablo Guelatao and was full-blooded Zapotec. He studied to be a priest, then a lawyer.

    • December 21, 1823
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  3. 3 giorni fa · Ciudad Juárez Mexico: 1,455 1,540,000 94.48 2021: St. Louis United States 264 300,576 87.83 2021: Petersburg United States 24 33,428 76.90 2020: Uruapan Mexico: 259 356,786 72.59 2021: Flint United States 57 80,628 70.70 2021: Ciudad Bolívar Venezuela: 264 382,095 69.09 2018: Fortaleza Brazil: 1,808 2,687,000 67.27 2021: Belém Brazil

  4. 27 ago 2023 · La violencia se desató como nunca antes en esta frontera desértica, por donde cruzan miles de personas diariamente ya sea de forma legal o ilegal en busca de un pedacito del “sueño americano”. En solo nueve meses, del 1 de enero al 20 de agosto, se contabilizaron 130 homicidios por cada 100 mil habitantes.

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    It is typically known as the city that Texans reach when they make the drive down to Mexico. The famous El Paso/Juarez transborderconglomeration is an iconic landmass that has featured in many westerns from back in the day. However, most travelers are worried about its vicinity to the dangerous areas of Mexico. You may have heard that the Tijuana b...

    Along with the other Mexico blogson this site. These safety facts about Ciudad Juarez and the American Border should give you an insight into what to expect in Ciudad Juarez and surrounding areas.

    Backpacking across Mexico can be tricky since most of the bordering regions with other countries have a difficult reputation. However, with places like Creel in Chihuahuathe region can be quite safe for visitors as long as you stick to the coaches and stay safe. If you’re looking to backpack down to the end of Monterrey or Mexico City, this is pret...

    This region of Mexico isn’t the safest, so you’ll need to follow some universal travel tips if you want to stay safe. Here are some useful tips to help you on your journey:

    Ciudad Juarez, the historic city bordering El Paso, is a great place to visit or make a stop at. For someone who wants to experience Mexico in a small staycation setting, a trip over the border from El Paso is both cheap and worth it. Many people prefer the historic section of Juarez to Tijuana, which can be viewed sometimes as trashy or Reno-ish. ...

  5. 17 set 2023 · Ciudad Juárez.—. A unos cuantos pasos de lo que se conoce como el cerro Lee la Biblia, en Ciudad Juárez, se encuentra un pequeño espacio que alberga las tradiciones y costumbres de la ...