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  1. common adj (frequent) comune, abituale, normale agg : Crime is a common occurrence in big cities. Il crimine è un evento comune nelle grandi città. common adj (joint, shared) comune agg : Our houses share a common fence. Le nostre case dividono uno steccato comune. common adj (ordinary) comune agg : normale, banale, ordinario agg

  2. Traduzione di "Common" in italiano. Aggettivo. Sostantivo. Avverbio. comune m diffuso frequente normale condiviso ordinario ricorrente. generale. plebeo m. Mostrare più. Common expression of adulation in my day.

  3. COMMON definition: 1. the same in a lot of places or for a lot of people: 2. the basic level of politeness that you…. Learn more.

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    Common, inizialmente Common Sense, pseudonimo di Lonnie Rashid Lynn (Chicago, 13 marzo 1972), è un rapper, attore e scrittore statunitense

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  5. belonging equally to, or shared alike by, two or more or all in question: common property; common interests. pertaining or belonging equally to an entire community, nation, or culture; public: a common language or history; a common water-supply system.

  6. 2. a. : belonging to or shared by two or more individuals or things or by all members of a group. a common friend. buried in a common grave. common interests. b. : belonging equally to two or more mathematical entities. triangles with a common base.

  7. ordinary, normal, everyday, commonplace, usual, typical, conventional, routine, basic, standard, plain old (informal), same old (informal), standard-issue, run-of-the-mill (informal), common-or-garden, garden-variety, workaday, household, a dime a dozen (US, informal), ten a penny (UK, informal), quotidian, daily.