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  1. 10 giu 2024 · Kickboxers – Vendetta personale è un film del 1985 diretto da Corey Yuen con Kurt McKinney protagonista. In questo film troviamo anche un giovane Jean-Claude Van Damme agli esordi nel grande cinema.

  2. 1 giorno fa · Chow Yun-fat had already starred in Ringo Lam’s City on Fire and John Woo’s A Better Tomorrow at the time. However, it was Wong’s God of Gamblers that broke box office records in Hong Kong when it was released in 1989, with Stephen Chow, another regular collaborator of the filmmaker’s, while stunt gurus Yuen Woo-Ping and Corey Yuen worked with him frequently.

  3. 3 giu 2024 · Director Corey Yuen ( The Transporter) and producer Sammo Hung (also with a cameo in the film) go full force with this cast. It’s a shame that Yeoh and Rothrock didn’t make more movies after Yes,...

  4. 10 giu 2024 · We review 88 Films' special edition blu-ray of Corey Yeun's Hong Kong action classic Yes, Madam!, starring Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock.

  5. 2 giu 2024 · The police assigned a tough, gutsy inspector (Rothrock) and her partner Bad Egg (Corey Yuen) to stop his vigilante hunting out of court. A member of the Seven Little Fortunes, Corey Yuen not only trained Michelle Yeoh in Yes, Madam! (1985), but also unfolded Jet Li's vivacity in The Legend (1993).

  6. 3 giu 2024 · Film de Corey Yuen · 1 h 25 min · avril 1988 (France) Genres : Action, Drame. Groupe : Karate Tiger. Pays d'origine : États-Unis, Hong Kong. Fiche technique. Jason est un jeune karatéka qui s'entraîne dans le dojo de son père, à Los Angeles.

  7. 7 giu 2024 · Cast of Fist of Fury. Movie ( 1972) • 27 total actors • 108 minutes. Fist of Fury features a cast of talented actors portraying various characters in the film. The story revolves around Chen Zhen, a martial artist seeking justice for his teacher's death. The most popular cast member today is Bruce Lee, Chen Zhen.