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  1. Cowbridge Grammar School was one of the best-known schools in Wales until its closure in 1974. It was replaced by Cowbridge Comprehensive School. Founded in the 17th century by Sir John Stradling and refounded by Sir Leoline Jenkins, it had close links with Jesus College, Oxford.

  2. Home Share Cowbridge Grammar School - staff and pupils Photographs and documents from the Cowbridge History Society digital archive relating to members of staff and pupils at the school. There are 82 items in this collection At Cowbridge Grammar School 1949-1966' 365 login to save Cowbridge History Society Archive

  3. Cowbridge Grammar School – various research Cowbridge tailor named Toolye owned this site between Church, Church Street and the Town Walls at the turn of the seventeenth century: it was acquired by Sir Edward and Sir John Stradling of St Donats, who established the Free School here in 1608.

  4. The Free School, later known as the Cowbridge Grammar School, Cowbridge, Glamorgan, was founded in 1608, and moved to its present site in 1617. The patron of the school in its early days was Sir John Stradling (1563-1637).

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    Cowbridge Grammar School (founded 1608, closed 1974) was merged with other local schools to form Cowbridge Comprehensive School in 1973–4. The disused main building on Town Mill Road was converted to residences in 2006-8 and its associated prefabricated classrooms replaced by housing in 2013.

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