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  1. 19 ore fa · Plot Intelligence officer Amanda Waller assembles two separate Task Force X teams, colloquially known as the "Suicide Squad", which consists of Belle Reve penitentiary inmates who agree to carry out a mission in exchange for shortened sentences. The teams are sent to the South American island nation of Corto Maltese after an anti-American regime overthrows its government, and are tasked with ...

  2. 19 ore fa · Von David S. Goyer. Mit Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Ryan Reynolds. Pressekritiken . 1,8. ... von Goyer überwachte und gar nicht schlechte TV-Serie mit Rapper Sticky Fingaz produziert.

  3. 19 ore fa · However, in a follow-up tweet he warns us not to coming expecting that grown-up, darker sensibility of Andor. "I was hoping that the tone of #TheAcolyte would be darker and take itself more seriously, similar to Andor. However, I'm surprised at how well the tone of a murder mystery combined with classic Star Wars works together,” he writes.

  4. 19 ore fa · La decisione di fare un prequel di ‘Fury Road’, cult action-femminista le cui riprese furono “impossibili”. La scelta di Anya Taylor-Joy come protagonista. Il senso alla base di ‘Mad Max’.

  5. 19 ore fa · Tra questi c’è David il cui sangue pare sia la chiave per sconfiggere questo male. L’uomo, pertanto, è sempre sotto sorveglianza dei droni della Eradication Corp ed è sottoposto a routine quotidiane che prevedono alimentazione, esercizio fisico, igiene personale, riposo e videochat con la fidanzata Samantha a fasce orarie prestabilite.

  6. 19 ore fa · Despite all this turmoil, we can turn to Psalm 56 and see Davids heart—who trusts in God despite facing difficult circumstances, pleading for mercy and protection, and ultimately praising God. This is adoration amidst adversity, a model for transforming our obligations into heartfelt worship.

  7. 19 ore fa · Evangeline Delafose is finding Graisseville, Louisiana just as she remembered—boring and uneventful. Until her brother Nate asks her to help solve a murder. Follow Ev as she navigates clues, dead bodies, and quirky small-town residents to solve a mystery. And of course, show her little brother that she’s still got it.