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    The Delhi Durbar (lit. "Court of Delhi") was an Indian imperial-style mass assembly organized by the British at Coronation Park, Delhi, India, to mark the succession of an Emperor or Empress of India. Also known as the Imperial Durbar, it was held three times, in 1877, 1903, and 1911, at the height of the British Empire.

  2. Coronation Park is a park located at Burari Road near Nirankari Sarovar ( Formless Lake) in Delhi, India. It was the venue of the Delhi Durbar of 1877 when Queen Victoria was proclaimed the Empress of India. Later it was used to celebrate the accession of King Edward VII in 1903, and, finally, it was here that the Durbar commemorating the ...

    • 1911
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  3. 14 gen 2024 · Enter the era of the so-called Delhi Durbars, the massive royal ceremonies held in 1877, 1903, and 1911 in Delhi’s Coronation Park by the imperial government. Alan Trevithick, in a special issue of Modern Asian Studies on civil ritual in India , argues that these “three great Durbars, royal assemblages… were explicitly political rituals ...

  4. The main event of the Delhi Durbar was the Coronation ceremony on 1 st January 1903. For this, an amphitheatre was set up. It was divided into different blocks from A-Y. Seats were predetermined and allotted to the various guests of the Durbar on the basis of hierarchy.

  5. 1 nov 2017 · In Delhi’s Coronation Park on January 1, 1877, the British monarch Queen Victoria (1837-1901) assumed a new title: Qaisar-i Hind, the Empress of India. Victoria’s proclamation was the central event of the jalsah-i qaisari, a massive imperial assemblage otherwise known in English as the Delhi Durbar.

  6. 3 mag 2023 · New Delhi, India – In the north of India’s capital lies a 52-acre ... a Coronation Durbar [imperial court] was held. It was called an Imperial Assemblage at that time.

  7. 9 ott 2023 · Coronation Park: An address in Delhi synonymous with rise and wane of British power. It was renovated in 2011 for the centenary anniversary of the 1911 durbar and opened to the public to be used as a park. Written by Upasika Singhal. New Delhi | Updated: October 9, 2023 07:38 IST. Follow Us.