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  1. St Anthony's Fire was the thirty first New Adventures novel and featured the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice Summerfield. This was writer Mark Gatiss' second and final contribution to the Virgin...

  2. St Anthony's Fire was the artificial sun utilised by the Chapter of Saint Anthony as a weapon to cleanse "heathen" worlds. Housed within their ship as a power source, the sun could be directed outwards to create a flame that would burn away anything that entered it in an instant.

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  3. Falls the Shadow. St Anthony's Fire is an original novel written by Mark Gatiss, based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice. A prelude to the novel, also written by Gatiss, appeared in Doctor Who Magazine #217.

    • Mark Gatiss
    • Paul Campbell
    • 1994
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  4. Chapterman Jones was a member of the Chapter of Saint Anthony. After Magna Yong and Parva De Hooch died, Jones became Magna of the Chapter. He was going to kill the Seventh Doctor, Benny and Ace, but was stopped by Ran, who forced Jones to let them go. Benny had gotten the mothership's...

  5. St. Anthony's fire (also known historically as Ignis Sacer and Holy Fire) may refer to: Ergotism, the effect of long-term ergot poisoning, traditionally due to the ingestion of alkaloids. Erysipelas, an acute infection, typically with a skin rash. St Anthony's Fire (novel), a 1994 Doctor Who novel by Mark Gatiss.

  6. 4 ott 2019 · Doctor Who worth remembering: St Anthony's Fire by Mark Gatiss Long before he played Sherlock's brother Mycroft or even wrote for the TV series, Mark Gatiss wrote several Doctor Who novels,...