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  1. Dorothy Byrne, FRTS (born 1953, Scotland), serves as President of Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, since 2021.

  2. 1 mar 2024 · When I met Dorothy Byrne, I was prepared to be intimidated. Indomitable she may be, the warmth of her humour and the soothing cadence of her Scottish accent put you instantly at ease. This was to be no stiff interview conducted behind an impenetrable oak desk.

  3. Dorothy Byrne is the Editor-at-Large of Channel 4 Television where she was previously Head of News and Current Affairs. She started her journalism career as a producer on World in Action and The Big Story, before moving to Channel 4 in 1988.

  4. 28 mag 2019 · ‘Dorothy Byrne: the future of investigative news journalism’ was an RTS North West event held at the University of Salford on 29 April. It was hosted by Jim Hancock, former political editor of BBC North West, and produced by Rachel Pinkney.

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  6. 9 mar 2020 · Dorothy Byrne is one of the longest-serving heads of commissioning in the television industry, she has been responsible for news and current affairs programmes that have had global and national...

  7. 29 ago 2018 · Dorothy Byrne meets Britain’s oldest transgender woman and praises the new generation of men who work in TV. TV current affairs and documentaries are obsessed with the new. That means we can ignore problems which continue over decades. My month begins with watching Channel 5’s Raped: My Story for a panel I’m on.