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  1. 3 giorni fa · Taking the US opioid crisis as a point of departure, this paper considers a notion of stigma power as a malleable force mobilised by the business-politics nexus of contemporary capitalism, to change meanings and normalise practices of prescription and consumption around some classes of psychoactive drugs that can be commodified and made available on a large scale despite their established ...

  2. 3 giorni fa · People, Places & Things review: Denise Gough is unmissable once again Taking on the role of spiraling actress and drug addict Emma for a third time, Gough is quite simply magnificent

  3. 4 giorni fa · Using expressive arts - art, music, and dance - self-conscious patients shed their inhibitions, enabling them to explore feelings and thoughts, which help them deal with substance use or mental health issues.

  4. 5 giorni fa · Until his drug taking began to overtly ravage his body, Baker was chiseled, swoon-inducingly handsome. Sheldon, on the other hand, looked like a slightly elfin, twinkly-eyed version of your high school math teacher.

  5. 1 giorno fa · Style-focused leaders can be unpredictable, sticking with surface conversations and relationships. Leaders focused on substance create authentic relationships with the people they work with. They are grounded and build relationships with others from a place of centeredness. Most organizations have a mix of leaders, obviously.

  6. 3 giorni fa · WADA’s primary role is to develop, harmonize and coordinate anti-doping rules and policies across all sports and countries. Our key activities include scientific and social science research; education; intelligence & investigations; development of anti-doping capacity; and monitoring of compliance with the World Anti-Doping Program.

  7. 3 giorni fa · The allure of drugs can promise euphoria and an escape for many, but the reality is far from fun or glamourous. From altering neurotransmitter levels to triggering psychotic episodes and ongoing mental health issues, the impact of drug use on the brain is profound and often irreversible.