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  1. Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg (11 November 1599 – 28 March 1655) was a German princess and Queen of Sweden as the consort of King Gustav II Adolph (Gustavus Adolphus). She was a daughter of John Sigismund, Elector of Brandenburg , and Anna, Duchess of Prussia , daughter of Albert Frederick, Duke of Prussia .

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  3. Ulrika Eleonora expressed her disapproval to her close confidant Emerentia von Düben, who convinced her never to display any public reaction to the affair, as it would be beneath the queen's dignity and her position was untouchable: "As the Moon travels along its course over the sky without bothering over the barks of dogs, so should Her Majesty despise the gossip, which has been unleashed by ...

  4. Fryderyk I Hohenzollern (ur. 11 lipca 1657 w Królewcu , zm. 25 lutego 1713 w Berlinie ) – od 1688 roku elektor Brandenburgii (jako Fryderyk III ) z dynastii Hohenzollernów , od 1701 roku pierwszy pruski król, jako Król w Prusach ( König in Preußen ) [1] .

  5. Stefania di Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen nessun figlio: Figlio di Maria II e Ferdinando II; regnò fino al 1855 sotto la reggenza di suo padre Luigi I il Popolare (31 ottobre 1838 – 19 ottobre 1889) 11 novembre 1861: 19 ottobre 1889: Maria Pia di Savoia due figli: Figlio di Maria II e Ferdinando II Carlo I il Diplomatico o il Martire

  6. Federico II di Hohenzollern, detto Federico il Grande (in tedesco Friedrich der Große; Berlino, 24 gennaio 1712 – Potsdam, 17 agosto 1786), è stato il terzo re di Prussia e il principe elettore di Brandeburgo dal 1740 al 1786.

  7. Fryderyk II Wielki, niem. Friedrich II von Hohenzollern (ur.24 stycznia 1712 w Berlinie, zm. 17 sierpnia 1786 w Poczdamie) – król Prus w latach 1740–1786. Pod jego rządami Prusy stały się jednym z najpotężniejszych państw europejskich