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  1. 4 giorni fa · Elisabetta nacque al n. 17 di Bruton Street a Mayfair , nella residenza londinese del nonno materno Claude Bowes-Lyon, alle ore 02:40 del 21 aprile 1926 e fu battezzata nella cappella privata di Buckingham Palace dall'Arcivescovo di York.

  2. 16 gen 2023 · Prince Albert (later King George VI) and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (later Queen Elizabeth) shortly after their engagement in 1923 Universal History Archive/Getty Images On this day a century ago, it was a period of great excitement for the Royal Family as King George V and his wife, Queen Mary of Teck, announced the engagement of their son, Prince Albert, the Duke of York, who later became King George VI.

  3. 29 gen 2023 · Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon certainly knew she was a queen from the moment she was born. The Queen Mother was raised in riches and was unapologetic for it. The young woman knew the luxuries that came with her elite lifestyle — including a freaking childhood castle — and frequently used them to her advantage.

  4. 17 gen 2023 · A friend writes: Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon is one of the most charming characters I have ever met. She was among the group of young girls who followed Princess Mary to the altar, and even then it ...

  5. 30 gen 2023 · Uno dei casi meno noti sarebbe quello di Nerissa e Katherine Bowes-Lyon (nate rispettivamente nel 1919 e nel 1926), figlie di John Herbert Bowes-Lyon, il fratello di Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, ovvero ...

  6. 14 gen 2023 · It starts with Queen Elizabeth II. She started ruling in 1952 and was the longest-reigning monarch in the world — 70 years to be exact — until her death on Sept. 8, 2022. Funny thing is, Elizabeth wasn't meant to be queen. When she was born in 1926, her grandfather was king, and her father was the second son of the monarch.

  7. 20 gen 2023 · "Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon (4 August 1900 – 30 March 2002) was the wife of King George VI and the mother of Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. She was queen consort of the United Kingdom from her husband's accession in 1936 until his death in 1952, after which she was known as Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, to avoid confusion with her daughter, another Queen Elizabeth.